Juventus Turin Stadium Tour & Museum – Allianz Stadium, Turin 2019

Visiting the Juventus Turin Stadium and the Museum in the Allianz Stadium in Turin(Torino), Italy

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Captured with GoPro Hero 7 Black in 2,7K 60FPS
GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro 3-Way Grip Stativ

mole antonelliana

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20 respuestas a Juventus Turin Stadium Tour & Museum – Allianz Stadium, Turin 2019

  1. janifa jahan dijo:

    জুশ জুশ জুশ জুশ জুশ জুশ চীজ হ্যায় এডওয়ার্ড কৌন

  2. Ego Master dijo:

    Hell hole stadium. Suits the scummy club mind you. Looks like a death camp from the outside.

  3. BB42 dijo:

    I prefer the old Delle Alpi. Bigger and more imposing for opposition Champions League teams.

  4. Mateus Lopes dijo:

    1:52 é impressão minha ou cara tá com a camisa do cruzeiro??

  5. Mark LT dijo:

    Juventus dominates in Italy but only 2 Champions League cups. They need to do better in Europe.

  6. John Dygal dijo:

    Hey everyone I hope you are having a great day, I just wanted to remind you that Jesus loves you and is willing to accept you into His Glorious Kingdom. GOD BLESS?❤️

  7. ملعب يوفي ليس عصري

  8. RndmM1K _HD dijo:

    Hey i want in the summer visit the Allianz Stadium can i go with the museum tickets in the stadium?

  9. 45mprs dijo:

    Una Storia di un grande amore

  10. O estádio do Atlético-MG a Arena MRV foi inspirada nesse estadio da Juventus o Allianz Stadium

  11. This tour seems more calm and relaxed than the FC Barcelona tour.


  13. Thank u 4 video 🙂 oneday i like 2 visit the Juventus stadium goods great 🙂 ???

  14. Sparta Otano dijo:

    Who is that asshole followed Juventus stadium tour but wearing Barcelona jersey ? ??

  15. Engin Savaş dijo:

    Modernity is more important than capacity! A very beautiful stadium.

  16. Art Plz dijo:

    10:06 опа здарова

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