Is Weston McKennie vital for Juve? ‘Sooner or later he’ll be in the Premier League’ |Futbol Americas

ESPN FC’s Sebastian Salazar and Herc Gomez discuss Weston McKennie’s form at Juventus. The guys praise McKennie’s improved attacking influence, with Herc reiterating that he feels McKennie is now a better player than his USMNT team mate Christian Pulisic. The guys discuss teams he has been linked with, including Tottenham, Newcastle and Everton in the Premier League.

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39 respuestas a Is Weston McKennie vital for Juve? ‘Sooner or later he’ll be in the Premier League’ |Futbol Americas

  1. rico dijo:

    Weston brings the energy and pirlo then allegri raised his football IQ

  2. Albert Smith dijo:

    He's developed into a real good player. He should have no problems playing for a top EPL club.

  3. bbqnice1 dijo:

    please don't move Mr. McKennie. I understand if they write you a big chick, but as a USMNT fan I would love to see you continue to play in the Champions League and train with great players at Juve every week where you've proven your value and your ability to be a starter

  4. bbqnice1 dijo:

    better two way player than the black left footed dude for Canada? we need to re-illegalize weed

  5. A Est 2and1 dijo:

    McKennie is too slow for the premier league. He would do well in Spain.

  6. Cain Gamalo dijo:

    …and just like that, big mac scored again. that's way more goals than any of the current juve crop of midfielders who are 3x or 4x more expensive than the texan partyboy. ?

  7. Picasso21 dijo:


  8. Love "the bride of Frankenstein" hairdo!! ? ? ?

  9. Jesse Marsch dijo:

    What team would he fit in and start right away in the premier league ?

  10. See is a fan of the sport not an analyst he doesn't know the game

  11. I really impressed with his performance in recent games. At first i thought he'll be a bench warmer and Arthur will start instead but it seems Allegri have finally trust him

  12. Jason Peters dijo:

    Allegri has openly said Weston is his best midfielder…and yes Conte wants him for Spurs….

  13. rico po dijo:

    Soooo glad Herc was and is SO right. Weston my favorite Nat player. And yeah- he's neck and neck with Puli as best USMNT player and w/ Adams as most irreplaceable. Thing is- Mckennie is irreplaceable at a position with some depth whereas we are way thin with backups at the 6.

  14. Guess people will eventually realize that he is a natural 6, it's just he is so athletic and talented that he can play box to box. By the way Alvarez is a good player, but he will never be in the same league as Weston . There are levels to everything ?

  15. dkn dijo:

    "started 12 of 21 league games"

    is this including the games he was injured and not in the lineup, or games just after coming back and lacking fitness? I think hes started almost every game when healthy and fit

  16. canonponds dijo:

    The amount of hate American players are getting is unreal!

  17. RollsReus dijo:

    this show is kinda growing on me

  18. louididdy dijo:

    1:01 – En Fuego?
    Really Sebastian?

  19. Bilal Mirza dijo:

    I don’t consider this infego ?

  20. Why would he downgrade to the prem lol

  21. once juventus buys better players and remove garbage like betancur rabiot ramsey im not sure mckennie will be a starter.

  22. Whether seb was right or wrong about mckennie, but right now edson alvarez is a better performer. He is playing though in a lower league but im making a best player list today and edson alvarez is going to rank higher than mckennie.

  23. I'm surprised ESPN didn't write, is USMNTadhfhfbhfnhvnhfv'S Weston McKennie vital for Juve"?

  24. Santiago Ch dijo:

    Jesus why are they always arguing over american players? Who feels that passionate about any of them?

  25. Neil dijo:

    None of the top premier league teams would need him. Stay in Italy put your flip flops on and enjoy

  26. He’s been an absolutely mediocre player for Juve.

  27. Aldo Bonaso dijo:

    Please dial back the hype xD I understand that he has played well the last few games, but until he is playing like that 95% of the season, he is not untouchable for Juve.

    Also, please pronounce 'premier' correctly. Ok love you bye.

  28. Axxess Mundi dijo:

    He needs to graduate from Serie A and go into the Premier League.

  29. Jorge Nava dijo:

    He deserved to be in the EPL.

  30. Is grandpa vince vital to his grandkids? No because i bully them especially grandson little billy.

  31. He is good and improved but its not "untouchable" yet
    Juve will do a revolution at the end of the season but he can stay if bentancur rabiot ramsey and arthur find a new team

  32. Andy Burch dijo:

    Injuries have certainly helped Weston get more playing time, and he has certainly earned the PT he is getting now.

  33. ZoogaZig dijo:

    He's lucky to be at one of the biggest clubs in the world. If he goes to the Prem, it will be to like… Wolves.

  34. Sikthkid dijo:

    United could use someone like him…

  35. Kevin W dijo:

    Literally no one at Juve are "immovable." Maybe Bonucci but that's it

  36. Owen C dijo:

    Bro i love your guys arguments

  37. few weeks ago , fans were calling for him to be out of the club ?. weren't they ?

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