La leyenda de la Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero, sobre la deducción de 15 puntos, la temporada 2022-23 y la presidencia de la Juve

¿Podríamos ver a Alessandro Del Piero asumir un papel de liderazgo dentro de su amado club? Transmita todos los partidos de la UEFA Champions League en vivo en Paramount+:

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40 respuestas a La leyenda de la Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero, sobre la deducción de 15 puntos, la temporada 2022-23 y la presidencia de la Juve

  1. Franz Josef dijo:

    Micah Richards looks like a bouncer, not a footballer.

  2. Faig Aliev dijo:

    Remember had tears on my eyes when he left Juve..Loved juve and football because of his shirt when had it on me when I was 5 in 1999..Still do follow him and he def needs to be back to Juve.

  3. Un Grazie ad Alessandro Del Piero che é, e sempre sarà, Il nostro capitano! 🤍🖤

  4. Gamer 9 dijo:

    “Everybody hates Juve”
    Yes, but there’s a reason why.

  5. Teramo Nuoto dijo:

    Del Piero = Juve, Maldini = Ac Milan, Totti = Roma… Baggio = Italy

  6. Alex M. C. dijo:

    paramount+ is a joke lol

  7. Blank On dijo:

    I tell you that i've been idoling the correct people when i was growing up.

    Ale, Nando, Raul. Those man are so classy

  8. Rayan Keewan dijo:

    my favorite player of all time ❤

  9. Skullzy dijo:

    Loved Del Piero 1 of my favourite players ever, class on and off the pitch.

  10. amafirenze dijo:

    Juve is going down! And I mean is going Serie B.

  11. UnitedPacci dijo:

    Damn I searched and this man is apperently 48. He still looks like he is in his 30s rather than close to 50s.

  12. Donzia dijo:

    Kids of today wont realise what a joy ADP was to watch… today its all about G/A.

  13. Manu CR dijo:

    Del Piero my captain! ❤

  14. Stripy Tiger dijo:

    Kate said "SOCCER", my life is over 🙁

  15. The best player simulator of all the time

  16. Yeet XD dijo:

    hed defo run Juventus better than the clowns running it rn

  17. Er Ga dijo:

    Ancora con sta giacca da tranviere!!

  18. Carsa5356 dijo:

    It's so weird to see random banter happening while talking of a possible Del Piero presidency at Juve, in an italian channel pundits would take that more seriously than the elections for the government, they wouldn't dare to laugh so loudly during such a conversation. Love it.

  19. Who can forget Juventus of scandal 2006 buying the refs. It's the only time that they have been caught

    No wonder they won 10 scudetto and couldn't win 1 ucl. They even bought cr so they could win ucl but even him couldn't win for them.

    Scandalous Juve Scandalous

  20. I always hated Juve, since back in the days of Vialli and Ravanelli I never liked the Old Lady. But I absolutely loved this guy the moment I first saw him, what a classy player. Imagine, this guy was the biggest star in a team that had Zidane in it.

  21. Obe dijo:

    Maldini at milan, Zanetti at inter,del pierro at juve…3 club legends being vice/presidents of their home ❤

  22. Del Piero will dribble Nedved anytime of the week

  23. no sense to say if we are second + semifinals EL than the season is good. We play disgustingly since 2 years, cheating on accounts and competition. This season is the result

  24. Nick Garcia dijo:

    Del Piero embodies everything positive that football is capable of producing. Absolute legend of a player and hell if a man

  25. Haters and merda fans take a number and get in line, enjoy this year while you 9 more years of dominance coming

  26. He marches to his own drum

  27. CBS views: Goodbye
    Paramount plus: Hello
    YouTube:👁 👁

  28. You know they wil get it bk

  29. A real gentleman never leaves his lady!!!

  30. RC vc 7 dijo:

    Henry……… all about him…. always has been, just waffles shit every time

  31. Shijit Nair dijo:

    They way he talks about his club shows his love and dedication to it. Absolute legend.
    Del Piero for Juve President. Period.

  32. Fraser_Mr dijo:

    Who was the better forward… Del Piero or Thierry Henry?

  33. jiminycrint dijo:

    What a player he was. Would make a great President of Juve, he carries himself so well

  34. FixxxeR208 dijo:

    She should be slapped across the face for saying "soccer". Plus she said in an European show. About European football. It's so cringy.

  35. Del Piero is a national treasure

  36. Dear Alex…what if, and I'm just saying WHAT IF Juve makes things right at first place so we do not have the problem to discuss about penalties etc? I mean is jjust an idea right? Just respect the rules for once and that's it, it's easy! I know that for Juventus and it's fans it's impossible to think that they have to attend the rules, but normally it is how it should work 😉 JUST A SUGGESTION! I mean, 1) Doping scadal between late 80 'and 90' 2) Calciopoli 2006. 3) Fake suarez citinzenship case in 2020 4) Financial Frode 2024….and then you wonder why in Italy, so many people hates Juve?! I mean…cmon guys.

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