Roma-Juventus 1-0 | La Roma vence a la Juve en el Olímpico: Gol y Resumen | Serie A 2022/23

Un golazo del central de Giallorossi, Gianluca Mancini, sumó 5 victorias de 5 a la Roma de Mourinho, que se mantuvo invicta ante la Juventus en una temporada de Serie A por primera vez desde la 2003/04 | Serie A 2022/23 #Highlights #RomaJuventus #SerieA Este es el canal oficial de la Serie A, que ofrece los últimos momentos destacados, entrevistas, noticias y reportajes para mantenerte al día con todo lo relacionado con el fútbol italiano. ¡Suscríbete al canal aquí! Obtenga más información sobre la Serie A en: Questo è il canale ufficiale della Serie A, dove potrai avere accesso ai momenti salienti, alle interviste, alle notizie e alle funzionalità del momento per rimanere aggiornato sulle ultime novità del campionato. Iscriviti qui al canale! Información detallada sobre la Serie A:

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42 respuestas a Roma-Juventus 1-0 | La Roma vence a la Juve en el Olímpico: Gol y Resumen | Serie A 2022/23

  1. It's ABHI dijo:

    Jose doing this with very low budget shows u how great a coach he is

  2. Said Adreby dijo:

    Mourinho masterclass to defeat Juventus: 'Parking Planes'

  3. Aaron Entz dijo:

    The way the roma player falls down a second after kean kicks him🤣😅

  4. Damar Fadlan dijo:

    Mancini done the FIFA Hyper Shot.

  5. Roma played great and what a stunner by Mancini but wow they had some luck on their side. I think I counted 3 or 4 shots / headers against the post from Juve? Also, congrats to Kean for making the third fastest sending off in the Serie A haha. I don't understand how Mancini didn't get anything for the interaction with Kean though. I suspect if Kean didn't react, Mancini could have been carded.

  6. Я обожаю в Италии только на напили👌 а остальных все гавно не умеют играть футбол 🖕

  7. neelante dijo:

    Roma lucky to be 4th the federation have done Juve dirty again

  8. Saimori dijo:

    Even in slow motion that ball is hot. What a goal.

  9. Is it safe to catch the ball with your chest ?

  10. Scoring a goal doesn't give Mancini the right to be a racist.

  11. pjkr123 dijo:

    Sebagai juventini, gw bersyukur kalahnya pas setan merah cabang inggris dibante habis2an wkwkwk
    Jadi ga kegoreng beritanya XD

  12. M S dijo:

    Why Booker T done that?

  13. Whoever advised kean to be footballer needs to go to jail.

  14. Safdar Raja dijo:

    In serie A everyone loves hitting from distance

  15. David Menut dijo:

    The delay for him to fall 2:33 😂😂😂

  16. I miss u Jose. Man Utd sad!

  17. Biju Nair dijo:

    Dybala wento the right club, so did Pogba and Rabiot.

  18. Sham Teo dijo:

    His reaction after being kicked was hilarious 😂😂 went down 3 second after 😂😂

  19. chidubem dijo:

    Roma the kings of Under

  20. lollo tro dijo:

    3 posts, lucky Roma!

  21. Lewis Wanjia dijo:

    Name of commentator please

  22. S W dijo:

    Mancinis fall was more delayed than an internet connection with a ping of 200

  23. When I saw a Red in the stats, I thought Jose earned it again. Not this time😅

  24. That 1:59 did Di Maria just try to devour the other player (blue lock)

  25. POOP dijo:

    Serie a is sus 😂😂😂

    Roma loses to cremonese
    Roma wins against juve

  26. JimJam dijo:

    Does anyone know the Roma song that was playing in the stadium just after the match?

  27. wais dijo:

    MOu the special one 👍

  28. Am I the only one that would kick someone again if I was getting a red card?

    Like I’m already going off and will be banned for at least 3 games so why not

  29. Wild Rose dijo:

    Jose winning the same day as yanited get destroyed i love dis game

  30. Wai Fung dijo:

    Kean was dumb to kick Mancini, but Mancini is not completely innocent either, after shoving down Kean, he was holding Kean on the ground and dragging him for a feet or two instead of letting him go.
    I think Mancini deserves a card too.

  31. DanK1ng dijo:

    Mourinho is going back to Chelsea. And this time he will be there for a while.

  32. Ljale299 dijo:

    tbh Vlahovic sohuld have joined the EPL

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