Was Cristiano Ronaldo TOO divisive at Juventus? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison and Julien Laurens recap Gianluigi Buffon’s comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s time with Juventus.
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41 respuestas a Was Cristiano Ronaldo TOO divisive at Juventus? | ESPN FC

  1. Aldo Bonaso dijo:

    I don't understand these people. They do realise that 2 things can be true at the same time, right? LIke the fact that Ronaldo WAS the reason the dressing room and team spirit changed, the tactics altered, and the financial pressures at the club were magnified, all because of his presence…but also it is not Ronaldo's fault those things happened? I blame the management for signing him in the first place. Fair enough, a lot of the trouble stems from the pandemic and Juve's inability to reinforce the squad like they had intended to do, to build a team around Ronaldo. But at the same time they were taking so much risk by putting so much faith in one player. Instead of wasting so much on one aging star, they should have continued to rebuild the squad with great team players. Juve has never been a team with primadonna players. We have always been a team built on hard work and team spirit. The signing of Ronaldo was a massive mistake, because he didn't fit the Juve model of fight and die for the team. That's not his fault, we all knew what he was like before he signed. I blame the management. Watching the way my Juve changed during Ronaldo's time at Juve though, was worse for me than watching my beloved team in Serie B…it was terrible, and I 100% stand by the sentiment that we're better off without him in the long run.
    Also Jules being his usual hypocritical self, stating that it's too simplistic to blame Ronaldo for being divisive, and then pointing out that the proof is there because look how Juve are struggling to score goals now…? I mean if that isn't simplistic. We all know how easy it is to lose a dressing room, and how much longer it takes to rebuild the chemistry. That's exactly what Juve are trying to do right now. It's a rebuilding project, which takes time, and it's something they should have started 3 years ago, instead of signing Ronaldo IMHO.

  2. I think problem was Ronaldo was the players and coach because they didn't trie to Play as a team Juventus was just playing individual not as team

  3. JAY MOSES dijo:

    Juventus brought in The Messiah but didn't provide him with his needed disciples in order for him to achieve his absolute greatness and help the club to the max

  4. Manuel Pedro dijo:

    CR7 has carried this Juve team. Bailed Juve out time and time again. It's the world against CR7.

  5. Lino Lino dijo:

    These pundits forget Ronaldo himself said he will win UCL for Juventus in 2 years.

    So there’s nothing harsh here. He invited that pressure on himself.

  6. why was he too divisive at juventus what went wrong ?

  7. Suman Ghosh dijo:

    It's this delusion that annoys, buffon sir you made it several ucl finals ,but never won any, there is no prize or trophy for coming second,you and Juve making it several ucl finals is pointless as you could not win them,so Juve had to make some changes.

  8. VJ dijo:

    This is absurd….. everyone is talking like Juve didn't win anything when ronaldo was there. They still win the league 2 times except for the last season. No one is even considering the fact that Juve had 3 managers in 3 seasons. One of them was Pirlo…..he was a great player but a bad manager with no experience……3 managers in 3 seasons means a different ideology and style each season.And look at the players that Juve brought in in those seasons……..But in the end the blame goes towards ronaldo who did his job.

  9. dia6olo dijo:

    For those that are questioning the comments from Buffon and one or two other Juve players who have also made similar comments, take a look at Man U, since signing Ronaldo they have regressed and I guarantee it will get worse the longer he's in the team.
    I am not questioning Ronaldo's qualities, I am simply pointing out that his presence for whatever reason is very destructive to the rest of the team. As for "for whatever reason", I suspect it's because he gets paid vastly more than the other players, is accommodated no matter what and often at the expense of other players and generally probably has far to much influence with management.
    There's always the argument that he's earned that right, however, I suspect it does not sit well with many of his team mates often (at least in more recent years) resulting on the team not being a "TEAM".

  10. JDDC 9447 dijo:

    How ain't nobody talking about how for the past 3 years Juve have changed 3 different managers and the problem falls on Ronaldo what a joke

  11. Martin B dijo:

    If Juve executives had a bit more intellect instead of Ronaldo they could use the money for Vlahovic, F. De Jong, Kounde and be much better of.

  12. Al dijo:

    No – this is a silly question. Ronaldo did his job scoring goals, but there's a fatal flaw when you have him in your team. He's not good for the dressing room – he really isn't. It is clear as day that playing football, for him, is about the glory. Buffon is spot on – it's not about the playing style or Juventus' level – it's simply the fact that Ronaldo plays for Ronaldo. It's happening at United right now. This guy is supposed to be a leader, but instead of fathering and guiding the younger players, he decides to publicly berate them for the world to see. It actually baffles me how he is referred to as 'leader'. His mentality is more like a petulant child that absolutely will stop at nothing to be the best, because his ego can't take being otherwise. CAVANI however, showed his class when he came on. Yes, he scored a goal – but more importantly – he GUIDES the youngsters. He actually helps them, takes them under his wing, etc. Ronaldo just throws a fit and starts complaining about the fact that he's not playing with players on the same level as Modric and Kroos. The guy doesn't even clap the fans. That being said – he's not the only problem. Bruno is just as bad, if not worse.

    The dressing room is a very important thing for a football club.

  13. 2020 CL SZN dijo:

    Even thought I’m a Messi fan you cannot blame Ronaldo man you just have to understand the player Ronaldo has become and also understand juventus and Ronaldo were the absolute worst fit for each other.

  14. Anthony dijo:

    How could they have a piece about Buffon’s comments without actually mentioning what his comments were??‍♂️

  15. me here dijo:

    This is stupid, his not there anymore and they are way worse

  16. He is a good player but not one to change a teams destiny if they spend that much money….he made juventus not able to strengthen in other important areas like midfield and defence,very bad and poor decision at the time.

  17. ronaldo is a petulant child

  18. Ronaldo is a footballer who can really strengthen a team but can even weaken a team. Its because in 2018 he was still 33 he was just a poacher or fox in the box kind of player. His work rate was low. And because he was never a good dribbler never a good playmaker his strengths were scoring from long range and headers but since 2015 he scored less goals from outside the box also. He needs attackers alongside him to dry up their goals for him. Just look at Benzema he would not have been in my top 5 strikers of decade in 2018 and now he is at 3 just below Lewa who is 2 and Suarez who is 1[ Yeah I prefer suarez on prime season but Lewa in consistency its also bit nostalgic for me because 2013/14 season was my 1st full proper season and I think that is the best individual season in prem with a below avg or avg at best liverpool team and single handedly almost took them to champions of prem and outscoring messi and ronaldo in 2015 when they were at their peak unlike now] But I do not agree with Buffon statement also. But yeah his incoming actually worsened Juve

  19. This is the statistics.
    2018 – 2019 = 21 goals in 31 appearance (4th)
    2019 – 2020 = 31 goals in 33 appearance (2nd)
    2020 – 2021 = 29 goals in 33 appearance (1st)
    ESPN FC always criticize CR7 ?????.. in reality he carried the entire team on his shoulders last 3 seasons.

  20. Factcheck dijo:

    Penaldo lowers the bar of any team he goes. Selfish act, only he has to score, no celebration when his teammates scores. He wants to take 100% penalties and free kicks. too greedy only plays for his goal tallies does not care about team support or winning.

  21. Rosiana EO dijo:

    I can imagine, he has the biggest salary, biggest money, got all the glories by tapped in goals. Of course the teammate feed up to keep running away and give him free assists, when he grabbed everything for free.

  22. Toni Thomas dijo:

    Lol Juve reached finals and semis before Ronaldo came .. after that they never reached there… And you say Ronaldo can't single handedly do.. they were better before

  23. Tom Jerry dijo:

    Juv lost their way, the min the let cancelo leave

  24. datboidiego dijo:

    To put it simply, Ronaldo was just too good for Juve. He had high expectations for the team. He wanted the team to play good and win titles. Unfortunately, no one else in the team shared his mentality or ability, so then everything went downhill. We’re seeing the same problem now at United. Ronaldo is the only one with ambition. Everyone else just plays because it’s their job. He would’ve been a way better fit at City where they expect to win at least 1 trophy each season.

  25. Kritya dijo:

    Buffon ain't saying that Juve players are extraordinary, he's just talking about their usual DNA

  26. Amazing how they took Gigi's words out of context and create talking points out of it. Like Jules, who's always talking down about Italian clubs. We're all so sorry you're disappointed jules…

  27. Felix Bared dijo:

    The point is when a player’s image becomes the leading factor, your team will have a problem. Juve changed to make Ronaldo the focal point and it cost them the team. Each year finishing worse and others players being asked to sacrifice their play for his.

  28. GokuSSJ3 dijo:

    Where’s Juve this season without Ronaldo, even with a world class manager?? it’s almost as if Ronaldo was helping them stay afloat

  29. Nature dijo:

    Pendu is a selfish and useless player! Without penalty, Pendu is nothing

  30. Tom Odul dijo:

    Did Buffon change PSG'S DNA or it was the other way around?

  31. They're trying to slam CR7 because he's on another level.
    He did what he was brought in to do but they didn't do what they were supposed to do.
    He carried them on his shoulders by scoring decisive goals time and time and again. A team with one attacker , zero midfielder and two defenders can never conquer Europe. PERIOD!

  32. Coach Moe dijo:

    Ronaldo is cancer where ever he goes there will be problems created and team will not perform because it has to be all ab I it him and he doesn't realize just like Zlatan he's to old to get it done just by himself

  33. Italian clubs haven't been tops for some years now, before CR7.

  34. arion dijo:

    I saw the interview In Italian and Buffon wasn't directly blaming ronaldo for it, he just said that he didn't know what happened after they signed ronaldo because he was at psg that year but when he returned the team wasn't as united and didn't have the same winning mentality as before, he didn't say it was ronaldo's fault or anything he just said what he saw and felt when he came back.

  35. Don it was the other way around, they played as a team, ronaldo wanted everything 2 go thru & b thru him, he thinks his status means he doesn't play by anyone's rules except his, he needs 2 b where he's truly loved & get away with poor performances in man utd he's found that, if not on scoresheet hes non existent

  36. Ronaldo did his best at Juve,scoring a ton of goals in the league and CL. Not his fault, He had them on his back. Terrible midfeild and aging defenders.

  37. Adam Pheasey dijo:

    Ramsey, Rabiot, Arthur, Mckennie, and three different managers in three years but nope it’s Ronaldo’s fault LOL! The fact he scored 100 goals with that team is incredible. Not to mention Dybala being out for half of that time too. If anything Ronaldo had the Juve dna of winning not these young Instagram players.

  38. Julien say it again louder please?

  39. razbigranicu dijo:

    Look, I don't like Ronaldo as a person, and there's probably something to this, but it's the appointment of Sarri and especially Pirlo that brought Juve down.

  40. Tbh I really don't think that's what buffon said word for word. From what I read it seems as tho he was referring in 2 different contexts. Basically saying cr7 did his part but the team also lost their identity and dna. Ofc media gona that and make it into something interesting to get views

  41. good job ESPN! twisting Buffon's words knowing that your audience doesn't know italian

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