Vlahović's First Training Session with Juventus! | Juventus Training

A behind the scenes look at Dušan Vlahović’s first Juventus training session.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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41 respuestas a Vlahović's First Training Session with Juventus! | Juventus Training

  1. First game for Juve…..aanndddd gooooollllll…….Grende Dusan Vlahovic……..DV7

  2. vbddfy euuyt dijo:

    0:07 da una parte un fenomeno dall'altra Vlahovic

  3. I just can't wait to watch the link up between dybala , chiesa and my own super striker Vlahovic

  4. Fabio dijo:

    Veramente grazie Firenze se vinciamo la champions tutto merito vostro grazie

  5. qopoy dnon dijo:

    Godo ancora Grazie Juve e Grazie VLAHOVIC

  6. bilij pdan dijo:

    Godo ancora Grazie Juve e Grazie VLAHOVIC

  7. Godo ancora Grazie Juve e Grazie VLAHOVIC

  8. Ahah Allegri gia' se lo e" messo a braccetto a Vlahovic. Avrà" detto questo insieme a Morata e Dybala mi risolveranno parecchie gare. ??

  9. Im an Arsenal supporter but after seeing him in the kit and the club he is at now, now I understand how he could not come to arsenal

  10. top striker 1111111111111111111111111111

  11. Pab_89 dijo:

    Si vangsat klub samfah fernah kena kasoes pengaturan skor trus samfe degradasi ke seri B aza bangga ???,,sering ke bantai pas jaman UCL di highbury,, juve adapah klub terlemakh di itali ?

  12. Thanks juve for secured dusan from go abroad

  13. Soinas Doyi dijo:

    Godo ancora Grazie Juve e Grazie VLAHOVIC

  14. Velix Sogen dijo:

    Semoga musim ini juara. Amin. hahaha..

  15. Vlahovic is great signing

  16. Sasha Dive dijo:

    Ça sert absolument a rien de ramener vlahovitc et de laisser ce tocar de Allegri avec son jeu ou plutôt son non jeu à chier un.entraineut archaïque peureux ac d idées et des méthode et un style des années 70 .vs avez oubliez qu9b avez le meilleur attaquant du monde Ronaldo et on a rien foutu a cause de ce nular de Allegri donc la meilleur recrue serait de virer allegri

  17. Prince Fahan dijo:

    come on juve yes you can surely you can this season is all yours show ?

  18. Zeljko Brkic dijo:

    Forza Juve!Vlahović??

  19. This guy'll regret not going to arsenal later on!!

  20. Khas 41 dijo:

    we'll see how far you can go Woodie

  21. Whgu ybnm dijo:

    Fantastic Striker ??✨

  22. giustamente allenamento subito con De sciglio

  23. ALIgator dijo:

    I hope Dušan can handle the pressure and stay cool then I see a great future for him at Juventus.
    F?RZA J?VE

  24. Andrea Belli dijo:

    Vlahovic sei il nuovo Felipe Melo!

  25. Speriamo De Ligt di faccia saltare i crociati!!

  26. Con questo vincerete la champion per molti anni…

  27. Pablo Giles dijo:

    1:20 -First touch control.
    2:18 -Feint and backheel pass.

  28. Dusan Vlahovic=PERSONALITÀ da vendere!!!

  29. 4-3-3 pleaseeee..

    Pellegrini – de ligt – bonucci – danilo
    Zakaria – locatelli – mckennie
    Chiesa – vlahovic – dybala

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