Milan 0-0 Juventus | Milan and Juventus split the points | Serie A 2021/22

Serie A’s big match ends in a goalless draw as Zlatan is forced out early on after picking up an injury and Juventus fail to register a single shot on goal | Serie A 2021/22

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44 respuestas a Milan 0-0 Juventus | Milan and Juventus split the points | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Porque la Curva Sud no entro a ver el partido???

  2. Tedy warnoto dijo:

    Saya sangat suka melihat kedua tim tersebut bermain imbang & mungkin lebih sering lagi??

  3. Jos gandos uuhhuuiy salam togel prediksi hongkong

  4. Juventus harus memulangkan pemain timnas BRAZIL, DOUGLAS COSTA

  5. ANDI $INAGA 46 ???? ?‍? ; # AC MILAN ? ? ? ? ? ?
    " FORZA MILAN " !

  6. Forza Juve. Welcome Dusan

  7. Inter got the gain from share point between milan and juventus…


  9. Judy Chen dijo:

    Juventus need to get in the champions league places or else they have to play in the Europa league next season


  11. With ronaldo it would have been 1-0

  12. 1Kaayuu dijo:

    Forza Milan?⚫️

  13. Sweetly dijo:

    its love to see when the game is over then the player talking each other and showing their smile on their faces like "yeaahh the game is over now you r my friend" ?

  14. A tinpot striker is coming to your old age home club, juventus ?

  15. I think fans of both teams want to pretend this game never happened. Let’s hope to see some increased quality in the final third from each of these teams going forward

  16. Milan need to believe in themselves even though they lost few points.
    Inter play a 6 pointer with Milan Napoli next and then they have 2 legs against Liverpool + Roma in the coppa italia whereas Milan have a clean run after the Inter game.

    You need to believe in yourself. Inter will play ultra defensive Juve too further in the season.

  17. Solo el nombre les quedaron estos equipos eran buenos hace como unos 20 años

  18. Alan Ford dijo:

    No goals because of both teams egoistic behavior.

  19. Wizzy dijo:

    This is the best league in the world right now

  20. Milan just unlucky could not be able to score goal. Juventus had no short on target. Viva Rossonero!!

  21. Juve its terrible. Players like Morata, Mkennie, Bentancour and Kulosevski are not what Juve needs. Without Chiesa, The Bianconeri it s a mid table team

  22. Mikel Óscar dijo:

    The true farmers league ?

  23. Nice to see Juventus struggling

  24. when people dont pass the ball always it works that way.

  25. Multiyapples dijo:

    Well the defense was fantastic.

  26. Que infortunio que el Milan no haya podido marcar

  27. Mr.X dijo:

    Even Spezia plays more in attack than Juventus.

  28. Surely this cannot be a normal sized crowd?! Are there limits on fans due to covid?

  29. N dijo:

    Ich hatte in den vergangenen 24 Monaten nicht eine Minute ( angst ) vor C. !!!!!

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