‘Juventus were caught off guard’ Can Juventus make top 4 in Serie A race? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison joins Gab Marcotti and Stewart Robson (The Gab and Juls Show) to discuss Inter’s 1-0 win vs. Juventus. The guys talk about Massimiliano Allegri’s set up for Juventus and how he should stick with this strategy. Then go into what it takes to win the Serie A title.

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16 respuestas a ‘Juventus were caught off guard’ Can Juventus make top 4 in Serie A race? | ESPN FC

  1. Rocco Sage dijo:

    Rather see Roma in CL than Juve

  2. Javier Cota dijo:

    Juventus needs to buy diaby and nkunku

  3. Atalanta being in freefall + Roma having a pretty hard run-in are the major assets in Juve's hand. That is, if Juventus do finish in the Top 4 it will be mostly down to the failings on others than Juve's strengths. Frustrating team to follow because when they do try to attack they don't score and when they play a boring game they more or less manage to get the result they want. Allegri has not yet found one approach that fits all those players. For example against Inter the right side attacked well but the left flank of Sandro-Morata was harmless.

  4. laxman90210 dijo:

    Funny to see Juve complaining about refs ?

  5. yaser khalid dijo:

    Love robbo but where is Jules it's week 2 without him

  6. NabilMMSTC07 dijo:

    Hope Atalanta gets top 4. Such an entertaining, attacking team. They are heavily underrated. Gasperini deserves it too.

  7. Athay Phom dijo:

    Morata left winger, Cuadrado right winger
    No surprised they cannot score

  8. Mourinho is only 5 points behind them. I really hope he can pull it off but juventus are still favorite

  9. Hope roma gets 4th place

  10. Yashwanth TS dijo:

    They need better defenders to replace cheillini one of there best player

  11. Definitely Juve were robbed, but I dont want Juve to win title for quite some time. Because lets be honest Juve closing the gap on 1st place is still very dangerous.

  12. JohnZ811 dijo:

    Ref's favored Inter big time

  13. Atalanta also lost yesterday but ESPN is just anti-juve. Top 4 race talks when Atalanta didn’t even gain on us. This is without even mentioning the robbery.

  14. Caught off guard? You mean the most blatant robbery in football since Chelsea versus Barcelona. FYI for new ESPN viewers: Gab is an Inter fan and he tries to act unbiased. Clear red on lautaro in the first minute, clear double yellow on lautaro on 3 or 4 occasions, clear yellow on bastoni, clear penalty for zakaria, danilo was the one who cleared the pen not de ligt, clear pen on morata, and skriniar and bastoni just fouled vlahovic all game without getting fouls or cards.

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