MCAFEE CAMPAIGNS | BITCOIN & DIGIBYTE on TOP | Chiliz & Juventus FC | Crypto.Com | Tomochain | Kyber

Bitcoin BTC remains to be the leader and Digibyte DGB has taken the second place in the list this month, the number of active addresses has skyrocketed in November by striking 2065%.
IncognitoChain officially supports private TOMO transactions on Tomochain. November 2019 Updates and exchange launched
. Mainstream application of blockchain? Ronaldo and Juventus FC JUV tokens on Socios Chilliz CHZ
. It’s Official! The John McAfee Presidential Campaign Has Started
. The Kyber Network and the world of DeFi

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Camisetas PANAMA Página web oficial del Universidad Católica de Murcia CF. Noticias, fotografías, resultados y todo lo que necesitas saber del equipo universitario.

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40 respuestas a MCAFEE CAMPAIGNS | BITCOIN & DIGIBYTE on TOP | Chiliz & Juventus FC | Crypto.Com | Tomochain | Kyber

  1. Altcoin Buzz dijo:

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  2. Dan Latta dijo:

    Digibyte continues to be the purest, fastest, safest decentralized cryptocurrency project going.

  3. Sentry-19lll dijo:

    Chilliz is hot as more clubs join.

  4. Raymax Dj dijo:

    Digibyte is about to explode , i expect beginning of 2020 it will take off , its now getting pushed down by its strongest resistance and pushed up by its strongest support fighting eachother out , thats why price action is getting so tight and volume so low , it will break the resistance in january or february 2020 because of this major bigg news

  5. DigiByte is a true decentralized gem in the crypto space! It will do incredibly well in the coming years!

  6. rom rom dijo:

    Crypto. Com cro partnership Xfers singapore ' coinmarketcalendare

  7. I transferred dgb on bitterx exchange

  8. Carlos Banos dijo:

    Nice video and the hardwallet for the seed Fraser looks cool.

  9. Tarmo Uusmaa dijo:

    McAfee could help mass adoption big time…

  10. DigiByte for the win! ?

  11. Juventus Is not the biggest but for sure the main in Italy and one of the biggest in the world guy!

  12. Tha Justice dijo:

    Many thanks for todays update! ??

  13. Eren Kaslte dijo:

    Lost of new node for digibyte so people can mine Odocrypt.. Odocrypt has been a underground banger for a few months now.

  14. Master860 dijo:

    Great video. I love DigiByte for what it stands for.

  15. Theres so many use cases for dgb. Once we start to get broader adoption of blockchain based digital assets, I think dgb will take off. Plus it's creator, in my view, is arguably the most ethical man in crypto

  16. T Switch dijo:

    Thanks for the valuable content as usual ??

  17. I am a holder of spc token. Has anyone heard about crypto exchange Biteeu? They got a giveaway of this token

  18. bob cf dijo:

    Awesome is cool. New features and new plateform for real use cases via . Real companies are entered in digibyte

  19. “Mainstream crypto media.” So much of this kind of language and accusations of organized scam shilling in crypto right now. While there are a ton of scams, yelling about is, IMO, taking way too much time and energy in the space. That same effort could be re-focused on something more positive, like adoption.

  20. Luis Muñoz dijo:

    News never end and you are always on the top of them! Thanks

  21. N H dijo:

    great job as always Altcoin Buzz

  22. triBit dijo:

    I'm freaking bullish on DigiByte, and bitcoin of course.
    And I love decentralised blockchains and here is DigiByte the biggest winner!

  23. eLiquidSound dijo:

    I wonder how many football teams will be launching tokens on the Dusk Network blockchain

  24. Peter Stover dijo:


  25. Ronus420 dijo:

    Heya Mattie. Always enjoy Altcoin Buzz's video with morning coffee 🙂

  26. Gratobe dijo:

    I used to have digibyte wish I stayed with it now

  27. Warren G dijo:

    McAfee's gone from running from the IRS to running for President.
    Cocaine's a helluva drug.

  28. Patrick Carr dijo:

    Fuck u altcoin buzz. U screwed over thousands of people in 2018 by recommending hodling

  29. Pink Summer dijo:

    Thank you for my news feed for the day!

  30. Bill dijo:

    Random comment wins!

  31. Dan T dijo:

    Inconsistent audio.

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