Juventus vs FC Porto – Champions League Round of 16 (RTV Live Watchalong)


Let’s watch this Champions League match together as Juventus take on FC Porto.

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31 respuestas a Juventus vs FC Porto – Champions League Round of 16 (RTV Live Watchalong)

  1. Ronaldo gets an assist Vs Porto

    Ignorant people: Ronaldo did nothing

    Messi does one nice pass that doesn't even lead to a goal Vs Bayern, Roma, Juventus, Atletico, Liverpool

    Ignorant people: Messi was amazing, he created chances.

  2. Money will always have problems beating culture, ask city.

  3. For everyone saying “Ronaldo didn’t step up” did you see the service he got today?? It was non existent, the one decent ball he got turned into a goal. “He’s starting to diminish in these big games” he still has contributed to a goal in every game his club has been knocked out the UCL. Whereas Messi is likely going to continue his streak tomorrow since 2013 of disappearing in the 2nd leg of ties his club has been knocked out the UCL (literally 0 goals or assists in games Barca have been knocked out).

  4. Eris Pera dijo:

    Yea that second yellow was stupid, it was also the 54th minute, I can understand if it was the 90'+ fine they're time wasting but FFS that was so stupid… so glad Porto managed to get through

  5. rag e63 dijo:

    Yeah, those cheating Cocknaldo day's are over. ???

  6. _C G _ dijo:

    Pepe was a beast this game!! Man of the match for sure.

  7. Porto 1-0 24:30
    Juve 1-1 1:15:20
    Juve 2-1 1:29:15
    Porto 2-2 2:37:50
    Juve 3-2 2:39:35

  8. Daniel dijo:

    Time stamps:
    1-0 Porto: 24:40
    1-1 Juventus: 1:15:28
    2-1 Juventus: 1:29:19
    2-2 Porto: 2:37:54
    3-2 Juventus: 2:39:38

  9. ULTRAKB1997 dijo:

    This only surprises ,those who dont know who is FC Porto

  10. kacper dijo:

    That freekick goal was not Szczęsny's fault, more of the walls fault, Ronaldos fault tbh.

  11. ruwiki dijo:

    first 90 minutes bvb-sevilla, last 30 minutes juvr-porto.

  12. ruwiki dijo:

    juventus is not nice to watch for 2 years …. don't know why rlly.

  13. Dr.Danger539 dijo:

    who else forgot that Porto were 10-men down since the 54 min watching the game

  14. Thar dijo:

    yo Ronaldo with the clutch…. Oh

  15. Ronaldo has made Juve a lot worse.

  16. Dave N dijo:

    One of the most enjoyable matches I've seen in years!

  17. David Lopez dijo:

    Juventus getting that yearly uc L

  18. When your top player is a literal 36-year-old passive striker who walks around on the pitch waiting for chances to happen, you don't belong to the Champions League. And before people say "oh but he's Serie A top scorer" watch back all his goals (I have), and ask yourself: "Could, say, Lautaro have scored them all too?", and the answer is yes, yes he could have, yet nobody claims Lautaro is the best footballer ever

  19. ErfanKazemi dijo:

    You have super coacher this game star was Conceisao

  20. Wokie. dijo:


  21. Porto played brilliantly with 10 men for more than 60 minutes, They deserves the win

  22. kaval 2003 dijo:

    ronaldo is done
    useless in small matches but also big matches now

  23. love watching the games with you man…keep it going…

  24. The worst Wall of players i ever saw deserved lose if they dont take it seriously

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