Thomas Tuchel Live Press Conference: Chelsea v Juventus | Champions League

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49 respuestas a Thomas Tuchel Live Press Conference: Chelsea v Juventus | Champions League

  1. GAMING. COM dijo:

    Thomas Tuchel wann be on of the best in chelseas history!

  2. Fingers dijo:

    Chelsea got decent results so far even if they already got beaten twice this season, but i dont work or get paid for the result they have, me as a footbal supporter i like to be entertained watching footbal games, now i no longer listen to ambiance music to help with my sleeping problem, now i watch Chelsea games to put me to sleep, boring football explains why BT dont want chelsea games in the prime hour.

  3. Suaird dijo:

    Sky asked Klopp same question.

  4. hi gust i love reets jams

  5. Omar _ dijo:

    Rest in Peace Young Dolph ? ?

  6. The way TT relaxes, prepare and switch to the next game is super. Well done my coach

  7. 4-0 Chelsea gonna lose (kiesza) hat trick on this Match

  8. sean chiwowa dijo:

    I feel there's so many lesson to be learnt from Tuchel. Live in the moment, stay humble even when you're #1 and always do your very best. If you win 3-0 and it wasn't your best then it isn't good enough.

  9. chelsea never to dissapoint
    here we tuchel do the thing

  10. Seyi Adekola dijo:

    surprised one of these journalists didnt ask him what he ate in the morning or what he hes having for dinner later, jesus christ!!

  11. Jye21 dijo:


  12. Enslin07 dijo:

    Why these reporters get the opportunity to ask valid questions and they come up with these shitty questions ??‍♂️

  13. It’s Monday in New Zealand, and this press conference is Monday motivation for me .

  14. Best manager in the world at the moment

  15. THE TRIVAGO KITT IS MASIVE VERY BEAUTIFUL. Especially on Tuchel and Lukaku!!!

  16. Bots_Revenge dijo:

    the first 2 questions are so dumb reece james considered one of the best rwb? he's only 21 cmon…put on a show for the owner? really.

  17. Cúp C1,2020.2021, Chelsea vô địch

  18. David Bale dijo:

    German managers came to the PL and changed the whole atmosphere.
    The history doesn't matter,germans are special kind of people,very intelligent,addicted to their job to perfection.

  19. Trevoh Chalobah wearing Trivago top.

  20. Mendy
    Loftus Cheek
    Hudson Odoi

  21. Honest, likeable, well spoken, intelligent and concise aside from being successful in his field. He's the perfect manager, tbh.

  22. Mañana a Ganar!!! Vamos blues!!!

  23. Some of these questions are really exaughsting

  24. Victor Oleru dijo:

    Two Coaches I Love TT and Conte

  25. Real Talk dijo:

    Rudiger Silva Chalobah

    James Jorginho Kante Chilwell

    Odoi Ziyech


  26. RC dijo:

    I like Trevor's confidence, he is learning with Thomas Tuchel (the mindmaster)

  27. RC dijo:

    He said "we have to win" like a General, Thomas Touchel is becoming one of the best teacher through the press conference.

  28. Msizi Cele dijo:

    What can Trevor Chalobah do about Rudiger’s contract? I don’t even wanna mention the questions Asked to TT. Smh English Media

  29. Real G-Wayne dijo:

    Can't they get some better reporters, these questions are so dumb

  30. Trevoh is such a comported young man.
    I like his composure and ability to answer questions maturely..
    And Tuchel our great tactician, he's a whole bag of wisdom..

  31. Incredible attitude and maturity from Trevoh. What a future he has! All the best to him and credits to Tuchel for seeing that potential and giving him plenty of game time!

  32. Martin Eden dijo:

    Chelsea – Juventus 0-2

  33. I pray to God that we will win this match

  34. Allé chelsea on veut la première place du groupe

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