Andrea Pirlo & Cristiano Ronaldo BOTH leaving Juventus? FC crew weighs in! | ESPN FC Transfer Talk

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Sid Lowe break down Italy’s 2-0 win vs. Northern Ireland to open up UEFA World Cup qualifying. Marcotti says the Azzurri looked good, but reminds everyone qualifying is a marathon, not a race. Both pundits weigh in on the futures of Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo amid rumours that both are set to leave after the end of this Serie A season. The guys share differing points of view on what could happen this summer, with Marcotti adding that Paulo Dybala could also be on the way out of Turin soon.

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46 respuestas a Andrea Pirlo & Cristiano Ronaldo BOTH leaving Juventus? FC crew weighs in! | ESPN FC Transfer Talk

  1. Ronaldo man u ,messie man city.

  2. Ultra Trump dijo:

    As usual Italy and Juventus always use the old ? broom always know the corner best lead to pop to injury down when it matters the most . CR7 is the greatest players for life ? Siiiiiii ??

  3. Juventus will end up winning UCL next year. Coming from a Messi fan.

  4. anil bodar dijo:

    Want to ask nedved where cr7 dragged Juventus in CL ? Out of quarterfinals ? Can anyone tell me how Ju? ventus improve after ronaldo ?

  5. Ronaldo is staying. Madrid wont want him back even if he was free. Madrids biggest worry was collapsing when cr7 left but they are managing pretty well without him so they arent going to risk messing the team balance again.
    And ronaldo will only join a team that will have a real chance of winning the champions so man u is out of the question as well, no disrespect to man u fans but leta be real here.
    Psg, city, or any other big team wont sign him either because they will fear they will end up like juventus when ronaldo joined them… shittier. So ronaldo will stay at juve for at least another year than go to miami of course.

  6. mike hawk dijo:

    If Real Madrid wants to buy Cristiano, with all pleasure do so, then they won't be able to buy Haaland or Mbappe

  7. It was very early for pirlo to lead juv. They should be let him manage the second team first for couple years before making him in charge of the first team. Something like what zidane and pep Guardiola did before.


  9. Highly unlikely both will leave at the end of this season, but if Pirlo has another ordinary season next season then anything is possible..

  10. TLDW: The answer is no one really knows

  11. After the exit of Ronaldo there will be huge impact on social media views and impression. And almost 20% decline in the viewership of the leauge. They will also get less money from the sponsors. So it's all about the business.

  12. Anyone else realize this video was taken from another video with dybala as the thumbnail Now they used the exact video edited it and put Pirlo and ronaldo. Running out of content.

  13. Daidi Fanta dijo:

    Barrela, Veratti and Jorginho would be a great midfield 3. Chiesa, Insigne and Immobile pretty good front 3.

  14. Aurun 50 dijo:

    Pirlo should leave. Not Penaldo. Pirlo might have been a great player but is not ready to be a manger yet.

  15. Juventus may not wanna sell ronaldo, but another thing is if ronaldo wants to leave lol

  16. Dandy Miky dijo:

    Cr7 will stay if Juve qualify for Champion league he can't stand the chance if missing his league never

  17. They can sense they won't keep Ronaldo if they don't win Serie A.

  18. EMST3N dijo:

    U are slowly becoming disrespectful @Espnuk

  19. Kai dijo:

    Jorgi is injured and Mancini confirm it and I am sure Jorgi gonna start in Euro.

  20. Lovejoy dijo:

    Pavel Nedved looks like Gail Platt. Your bang average club are not entitled to the world's best player's services, Pavel.

  21. Lovejoy dijo:

    That Italian team is bang average

  22. Real OG dijo:

    People here sayin Mid Field is the Problem in Juventus as they don't create much ? Well please start to watch Football again . Juventus is losing coz they don't play as a team , they're playing to make one Man stand apart from others no matter the cost . Last yeat they were awarded with the Scudetto but that doesn't happen always .

  23. Faiz 1908 dijo:

    100% sure? Wait until Juve finish out of top 4.

  24. Cosmic Klutz dijo:

    Juve is not a team hungry to win the champions league otherwise they would not have brought in Pirlo. It's as simple as that. I refuse to believe that they brought in Ronaldo expecting him to win them the champions league on his own, it's ludicrous

  25. If u don't include CR7 in ur channel day no one watch lol

  26. HUGE IN dijo:

    ESPN : CR7 and pirlo will definitely leave juve and its tru!
    NEDVED : No.. their not leaving
    ESPN : We’re gonna milk this stupid question.. and our pundits are always right..

  27. Nedved just sed he aint going no were so lets just stop this bullshit… Espn cant find something to talk about so they start speaking about Cristiano that they get viewers

  28. Anton & Alea dijo:

    Where should he go? Who wants to buy him? So I'm sure he's staying.

  29. Only Wales is good rooning

  30. Are moving into davids closet orr ?

  31. Ronaldo leaves a club after playing the CL final, so maybe next year.

  32. Players like Messi and Ronaldo bring a lot of financial benefits to their clubs so you can see that their clubs won't leave them to just leave..

  33. MR.MINION dijo:

    good teammetes make him strong

  34. Totally off topic but…..

    Dybala should have chose Italy
    over Argentina

  35. Bijay Messi dijo:

    Juventus Olympus of football= round of 16 in champions league????

  36. Karan Vinod dijo:

    Juve hierarchy said Sarri is 100% staying and he was sacked couple of weeks later.

  37. Hot news is it…?! everyday now talking about Juve and CR7. It’s like ESPN = Juve YouTube channel ???

  38. Picasso21 dijo:

    Italy we are the best teammmmm! no one is stronger than us!!!! undefeated since Mancini!!!!!! we don't make noise but you know what, its okay, because we will arrive quietly but we will strike strongly!

  39. They brought in a scientist to analyze if Cr7 is leaving ?

  40. Cristiano is more productive when he plays with Morata…yet Juve seem to need a fit Dybala than a productive Cristiano. That's what saved them last season from a similar fate to this one.

  41. R Russitano dijo:

    Ronaldo drives ratings …. period. Get used to it

  42. These guys don't do proper research…the should know what Nedved has said..

  43. Pirlo will stay. Ronaldo will stay. Pirlo knows what he wants. Juve knows what they want. It’s whether they will get what they want… that’s the big thing about Juve’s Italian Renaissance at Turin. It will flop or not.

  44. I can see that Italy team being the squad at the euros with some that played in the friendlies a year ago.

  45. Couldn’t even outscore immobile and I’m supposed to believe that he’s better than Messi ?.

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