Highlights FC Barcelona v Juventus (2-2, Gamper Trophy 2005)

Goals by Andrés Iniesta and Gio.
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36 respuestas a Highlights FC Barcelona v Juventus (2-2, Gamper Trophy 2005)

  1. Luca Toselli dijo:

    Qui esordiva Messi dal primo minuto, domani sarà la prima senza Leo dopo 20 anni.

  2. Del piero noob bgt masa gak gol, iniesta aja gol

  3. 2:18 After this sequence culminating in the assist, Juve manager Fabio Capello didn't even wait until the end of the match to ask for Messi to be acquired on loan and hopefully signed thereafter. His exact quote:

    "In my entire life I've never seen a player of such quality and personality at such a young age,"

  4. Mera Sameer dijo:

    Messi was a beast even when he was 18?GOAT❤?

  5. zahir shah dijo:

    Its live today thanks to Corona

  6. flashé dijo:

    El niño Messi el más consentido

  7. Knowledge. dijo:

    Tiempos inolvidables sin egos ni pretenciones solo pasión desenfrenada

  8. Can someone help me with Juventus's line up for this match?

  9. Dylan Monza dijo:

    Barça will lose aganist Juventus this year

  10. Andrew Gomes dijo:

    No No No it will not happen Barca would win that match 2-0. but they got two penelty so it was 2-2

  11. Mr NoOne dijo:

    so many stars del perio, ibrahimovic, larsson, messi, ronaldhino, Veria, trezuget, Nedved, inestia, xavi,

  12. FORZA JUVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dat Phan dijo:

    ronaldinho, ibrahimovic, del piero, patrick vierra, messi, iniesta, xavi , pirlo… = respect xd

  14. Mr5maggio dijo:

    Bastardi ci hanno fatto perdere 12 anni eravamo troppo forti ma ora siamo ritornati per riprenderci quello che ci spetta.

  15. jajaj q el juvaentus se valla a la mierda solo empataron por dos penales q pena da si no ubiera penales perderian llora juventus mal equipo

  16. dovidiostar dijo:

    juventus are to strong defensively 3- 1 for Juve

  17. Menudos cañonazos que metia el Gio vanbronckhast.

  18. I think Barca will win 4.1 Messi 3 Neymar Vamos Barca 2015 Champions.

  19. Keep on thinking Juve is an easy team, please, do it. But don't cry after the game, k?

  20. underestimate Us, then you'll gonna cry for that..

  21. KSanchez95 dijo:

    How I miss that team, this is awesome, but Ronaldinho's team was beautiful…

  22. I used to play with these guys in a game on my PC called Winning Eleven9

    This was 2006 i think.

    Barcelona will win the #UCL again.

    Viva barca?✌❤?

  23. Pascal dijo:

    I think barça win 2:0 with 2 goals from suárez

  24. MrKittekat dijo:

    Barça win cl 2015 i think. Neymar-messi 4-0 Barça

  25. I think Juventus is overrated by their win on Real.. Barca will win with atleast 2-0.

  26. NJR10HD dijo:

    Barca will win in Berlin with Neymar's goal.

  27. ruper91 dijo:

    Vaya golpeo tenía Gio, impresionante.

  28. Barca need to win i love Barca and Neymar

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