Napoli 2-1 Juventus | Napoli strike late after Morata opener | Serie A Highlights

Alvaro Morata’s opening goal at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona is cancelled out after goals from Politano and Koulibaly.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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40 respuestas a Napoli 2-1 Juventus | Napoli strike late after Morata opener | Serie A Highlights

  1. Ituhlah akibat dari kepergian Ronaldo

  2. Ituhlah akibat dari kepergian Ronaldo

  3. Il Fotografo dijo:

    I've been a Juve fan since 1972 as a child. I still am today … but with major restrictions. Linked to these limitations is that this football club has an extremely incompetent management staff.
    Types like Agnelli, Nedved (what is he doing? NOTHING!) & Co. are extreme failures and do not make a single positive contribution to the club. On the contrary … with their ineptitude they are ruining this club! With their arrogance they create a bad image worldwide!
    Likewise the recruiting department: how can it be that extremely bad players like Szczęsny, Danilo, De Sciglio, Alex Sandro, Bentancur, Arthur, Kulusevski, etc. are brought in and not dismissed ??? This is not due to the trainer, but to the upper management. And this totally incompetent upper management ensures that Juventus is ridiculed and embarrassed around the world. It hurts so much to see this club vegetate.
    And do you want to win the Champions League? You are soooo ridiculous!
    Thank you Agnelli, thank you Breakfast Director Nedved … thank you to everyone responsible for Juve!

  4. who needs ronaldo they said

  5. prendiamo al mercato d inverno, dusan tadic, icardi e cavani, per salvateur la stagione

  6. Does Szczesny mean hot potato in Polish? How do you not catch that

  7. please you need graziano pelle he is still on fire come on juve

  8. Marina dijo:

    Nessuno è come Gigi. Gigi è l'unico al mondo. ???

  9. Baka17 Be dijo:

    It's not with morata that you will win the championship

  10. fath mtb dijo:

    Fans juventus,forza fans persela fc ??

  11. AZRIN SHAH dijo:

    And juve fans said who needs ronaldo?

  12. kayu lapis dijo:

    St4pid allegr1 this goal keeper always make mistakes like arsenal. How come u said the best goalkeeper? Must give change to perin. Too many average players. That's why ronaldo find new club because the manager and management poor. This club can't go top 4 in end of season.

  13. BeckdanVEVO dijo:

    Since cr7 gone juve is helpless

  14. Napoli stadium still empty

  15. Bhim Subba dijo:

    Great mistake of Juventus to let go CR7

  16. FoldingMango dijo:

    I predict that Juve will go trophyless this season, and place 5th or 6th in the league if they keep on playing like this.

  17. Hobby-ies 85 dijo:

    The mentality, the hunger, the passion… I didn't see it!!! Just bunch of players play ball… What a shame

  18. Gunawan BM dijo:

    Cristiano Ronaldo MANCHESTER UNITED
    Fans off Juventus ???

  19. Bandi greged dijo:


    SZCZESNY ???

  20. MARK ALLEN dijo:

    Who needs ronaldo now?

  21. Kevin T dijo:

    The way Juve fans and Italian mob media treated Ronaldo, they honestly deserve the losses they are getting.

  22. D Patt dijo:

    Szcezney is Terrible I could play better than him if I was training with juventus…catch the ball u idiot …insigne shot was not that powerful

  23. Juve is not a big team now, disappointed to see Juventus play

  24. i thought juve are going straight to seria B…but i dont think so…its straight to seria C…

  25. Kesalahan Juventus adalah datengin alegri lagi, udah bener² pirlo.

  26. If Ronaldo was probably here and with these loses …they will all blame Ronaldo …u guys see it now right …you see how the world works

  27. i am hope this Juve
    waiting waiting waiting
    coming soon powerfull ?
    we back
    one club one Love

  28. Juventus fans :who needs ronaldo?

  29. This is what whole season looks like after Ronaldo chiesa poaching making chances but Morata be like ah scoring is not my work my work is making easy goals miss

  30. AnupBeatz dijo:

    No wonder ronaldo left

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