? More Players Check-in For Pre-Season! | Juventus Training

Some more returns to the JTC as Cristiano Ronaldo, Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot, Dejan Kulusevski & Matthijs De Ligt checked in for pre-season training, following their appearances for their countries at EURO 2020.

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41 respuestas a ? More Players Check-in For Pre-Season! | Juventus Training

  1. Who is here after CR7 's transfer???

  2. cr7 back that should be the thumbnail

  3. Sai daí Cristiano sai daí vais sofrer tanto nessa equipa fraca

  4. jektek90 dijo:

    Ronaldo va venduto.anzi nessuno se lo compra quindi va scambiato o comunque dato via.ha rovinato una squadra che vinceva da anni.ora bisogna giocare per lui…mister punizione in barriera….e non dite che fa tanti gol per forza calcia tutto lui…rigori punizioni ecc…e gli altri non tirano per passarla a lui.ronaldo out

  5. Teguh Estro dijo:

    Cristiano's body like a machine…

  6. Sono nato juventino: finoallafineforzajuve sempre

  7. IKRAM dijo:

    Cristiano is back this is the most imporatant

  8. Avvabi dijo:


  9. prash dijo:

    He has an African blood running in him ? that makes him a better athlete amongst others

  10. Si Manis dijo:

    RONALDO, Don't wear your mask, your immunity will decrease. You will be inhaling more toxic carbon dioxide than oxygen.

  11. Aun Changezi dijo:

    Boss is BACK!!!! ?❤️?

  12. Zi Lebanese dijo:

    Forza Dybala our captain

  13. K Kim dijo:

    He is too old now?????

  14. Faiad Nibir dijo:

    Ronaldo we need a ucl this season ???

  15. Irfan Asmad dijo:

    “Mencintai juve itu sulit, tapi sekali kau mencintainya, kamu akan menjadi juventino selamanya,” ZINEDINE [ZIZOU] ZIDANE.

  16. TV Charli dijo:

    Any move especially in the central midfield

  17. Juveeeeee storia di un grande amore grande juve FORZA GIUVE SIUMM

  18. Cr7 I won't u to play in psg?

  19. Rabiot looks sharper then last season

  20. LOKI Gaming dijo:

    Cristiano plz leave this waste club???????

  21. Arslan Shah dijo:

    Ronaldo please go to Real medrid please

  22. Creo que Morata debería ir a Barcelona ya que es español.

  23. when my noodle hair comes back that's where my enemy team kills??

  24. cari rekan duet yg pass utk ronaldo boss

  25. Hello, I am a Korean Juventus fan.
    I went to watch the game of K league VS juve held in Korea a few years ago. It was a great luck for Koreans to see Juventus players who had only been seen on TV playing on the field.
    Although I was sad that Ronaldo didn't come out, I'm so happy just to see the Juventus.
    21-22 Juventus will also support you.
    Forza juve!

  26. Ronaldo back❤️⚽
    Allegri back ??️
    Now, UCL will back ??

  27. At first we should have a goalkeeper ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. As long as Bentacur doesn’t play juve midfield will be solid this season under allegri

  29. i am very glad to back cristiano back best of luck for the comming game

  30. Toni Ricceri dijo:

    Juventus nessuno come noi

  31. Cr7….❤️?⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Forzajuve..⚽

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