Footballers as Superheroes

Ronaldinho could be the Thing as the way he has allowed his career to nosedive; he must really have bricks for brains.

Lionel Messi would be the human torch as when he is on form he really is on fire while Thierry Henry would be the Invisible woman as most Barcelona fans have failed to see the form he showed at Arsenal and he now plays like a girl.

Juventus fans would tell you that they have their Superman in Gianluigi Buffon because he does make some superhuman saves and out of his jersey he does look like a mild mannered geek but most opponents thankfully have not found kryptonite to get the better of him on a regular basis.

Arsenal fans would tell you that William Gallas is the incredible hulk and it is not good to make him angry and as Gael Clichy found out, he is not likable when he is angry. To be fair Jens Lehmann could be the incredible hulk as well but neither player seems to have a Bruce Banner within them.

Real Madrid fans would tell you that they have their own Spiderman in Iker Casillas because he is not very tall but he gets to places that he really should not and seems to have cobwebs where his hands should be. They would also tell you that they have their own version of the Invisible man as though they signed Christopher Metzelder but no one has seen him yet.

Manchester United fans would claim to have their own version of Batman and Robin with Cristiano Ronaldo being the caped crusaders as he carries the fight almost single-handedly to the opposition with various people like Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney playing the part of Robin depending if Batman needs help or not.

Wes Brown, who is about to sign a ¤60,000 a week contract is no doubt the Joker.

Arsenal fans will testify that they have the teenage mutant ninja turtles with Cesc Fabregas as Leonardo as he is the leader of the pack; Robin Van Persie would be Raphael as he is the bad boy of the group; Nicklas Bendtner could play Michelangelo to provide comic relief with his style of play; Theo Walcott could play Donatello and Arsene Wenger would be Master Splinter.

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