Udinese 2-2 Juventus | Dybala & Cuadrado score in opening day draw | Serie A Highlights

Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado were both on the scoresheet in Juventus’ opening day 2-2 draw against Udinese.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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35 respuestas a Udinese 2-2 Juventus | Dybala & Cuadrado score in opening day draw | Serie A Highlights

  1. cuadrado not striker should pass to striker more so the team will give more threat. nedved and camoranesi should play again

  2. Baybay Fajar dijo:

    Juventus vs Empoli match please

  3. Last match of Cristiano ?

  4. clorpod zero dijo:

    Non fa niente se avete pareggiato io vi tiferò per sempre

    La Juventus la tifo da 7 anni

  5. Wongster dijo:

    Would have been the perfect goodbye gift from Ronaldo, 3 points.

  6. Drller dijo:

    so you really gonna ignore ronaldo’s last minute goal (offside) in the highlights? dang

  7. Quizás fue el ultimo juego de Cristiano vistiendo la camiseta de la Juve 🙁

  8. Cr7 the most clutch player ever ?

  9. Detritus dijo:

    ok now return buffon

  10. Michelle L dijo:

    unknown guy get off our page if you’re not juve ⚽️❤️

  11. Azroy KL dijo:

    i dont agree Ronaldo offside !!!!

  12. cr7 dijo:

    Giving the captain armband back to dybala was a bad move from allegri. Had a horrible last season not called up by Argentina, Bonucci shouldve kept it hes more mature and euro champion

  13. SCARRRDY dijo:

    Ci rifaremo in Juve Empoli con i nostri tifosi

  14. Juve is destroying Cristiano Ronaldo

  15. Collina(best reffery ever) :"This is not ofside, this is a goal".

  16. DJ6 MAX PRO dijo:

    Congratulations cuadrado and Dybala

  17. Who is stuped?
    Stuped is who prefers Scezney to Donnaroma ( Alegri )

  18. Rais Firdaus dijo:

    If win and dominate game, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE TO DEFEND, ALLEGRI MUST LISTEN ATTRACTIVE GAME SOMETIMES CAN WIN MORE, i know Italy know for best tactic nation but it not always boring and hold score to win, understand @allegri ??

  19. Bon dijo:

    If Ronaldo really wants to leave and goes to PSG .. exchange him with Keylor Navas + Cash (sadly Donnarumma is lost cause) and get Belotti (he'll get better service at Juve than at Torino and score a lot .. and is very hard working team player) for now .. try Haaland next season …..

  20. Surya rahfad dijo:

    Ronaldo saat jd cadangan di babak pertama ketika lawan undinesee itu sebenarnya dia diam2 lg belajar jd pelatih di belakang layar sama alegri … ???????? dia jd cadangan saat lawan undinesee insting saya merasa kan klo Ronaldo lg ngumpul in energi super nya di dlm tubuh Ronaldo u bs jd mesin cetak gol k gawang lawan juventus itu si undinesee ketika Ronaldo di main kan… Meski Ronaldo jd cadangan di babak pertama… Juventus dapat angka 2 undinesee masih nol itu saya g nonton jg sedang merasa kan energi super nya Ronaldo yg sedang di salurkan k Teman2 se team nya di juventus yg sedang asik mencetak gol 2 angka k gawang undinesee… Semoga aja ketika Ronaldo jd pemain cadangan di pertandingan nanti … Ronaldo terampil dlm memainkan energi nya dlm 2 u atur nafas nya dgn fookusss mata dan pikiran nyaa Ronaldo melihat teman se team nya di juventus menyerang dgn mudah nya ke gawang lawan juventus u mencetak banyak gol… Aaammmiiinnn ya ALLAH…. ???? jd simbol dr selebrasi Ronaldo itu yg saya liat dgn penilai an saya pribadi ketika Ronaldo sering habis cetak gol ciri khas Ronaldo langsung melompat tarik nafas dlm2 u pusat kan pikiran dan di keluar kan lwt mulut Ronaldo agar energi itu ter olah dgn sempurna k tubuh Ronaldo sehingga Ronaldo mudah u melakukan serangan k gawang lawan jd sebuah tembak an gol yg Ronaldo ciptakan selalu akuraaat.. Braaavo Ronaldo… ????

  21. Chris dijo:

    Juventus should approach Loris Karius as a replacement for Shezny.

  22. Omar m0hamed dijo:

    كم ىلاررغمو ؤعح

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