F.C. Barcelona 2:3 Juventus F.C. | RESA UEFA Champions League

yo this took long to make ngl

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13 respuestas a F.C. Barcelona 2:3 Juventus F.C. | RESA UEFA Champions League

  1. Nxjdinho dijo:

    Bruh if only jenlon’s ones were like this apart from the music

  2. xiniski [Me] dijo:

    yo what editor do u use to make this

  3. Online LOL dijo:

    I liked the front part where u can see the line up lol

  4. Javier dijo:

    Don't make XxJavierMPSxX look bad it wasn't javi in net, it was dage in net.

  5. Strain Gabz dijo:

    Nice video, it taked to long but it was better than jenlon's ones

  6. NN dijo:

    Idiot jenlon, check discord

  7. LukeOblak13 dijo:

    dayum this took me long ngl

  8. ICY FEAR dijo:

    TOP quality video nocap

  9. NxZzMid dijo:

    How tf you edit that other than the song

  10. Good evening everyone, finally after streaming this game, we settled to edit it through the stream itself, so apologies if any weird cursours pop up

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