Inter looked like ‘CHAMPIONS’ against Juventus! Are they favourites to win Serie A? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison joins Gab Marcotti and Stewart Robson on the Gab & Juls Show to discuss Inter Milan’s 1-0 win over Juventus in Serie A. They guys debate whether Max Allegri’s side were unlucky to lose and speak about the Serie A title race.

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19 respuestas a Inter looked like ‘CHAMPIONS’ against Juventus! Are they favourites to win Serie A? | ESPN FC

  1. If Juve get better defenders, Vlahovic could get them the UCL crown

  2. I’m convinced they didn’t actually watch the game. Juve’s finishing is the reason they didn’t win the game … and the referee is the reason they lost the game. If Vlahovic finished one or two of his 10 chances, they’d be talking about how poor the inter defense was

  3. Johny F.Q. dijo:

    These ESPN guys are morons, it was a clear penalty!

  4. And that kids, is why i unsubscribed to ESPN FC

  5. Look like champions ????only one shot on net ..which was a underserved penalty ..???

  6. The game was robbed period Inter merda suks they don't deserve the scudetto screw them

  7. steven g dijo:

    brozovic is the most press resistant midfielder in europe. he is unreal

  8. Espn is a joke nowadays, inter looking like champions, HOW?? Referee robbery, showing nothing 90 min, making 100 fouls during the game…

  9. Said Y dijo:

    This game was fixed to let inter win without any class

  10. Evo 8 Power dijo:

    I saw the game…..glad juve lost

  11. it was a PENALTY!! the decision was correct

  12. This guy yesterday said all penalties for madrid were justified. Today he is saying it's an accident and not a penalty. It would be great if these pundits don't contradict themselves every two days.

  13. Alex Mayer dijo:

    Guys if you’re ever feeling low and made some bad investments please remember at least you’re not Paris Saint Germain!!

  14. Don looks like his waiting for an interview while doing a podcast

  15. "Looked like Champions" If this is what Champions look like in Italian fotball then it's should be no surprise they failed to make the WC.
    Inter were sitting back after going 1-0 instead of going for the killer blow..classic outdated Catenaccio.
    Great game though. But Juve were unlucky themselves not to get a Penalty so Inter got lucky this time.

  16. They looked like champions because they robbed the game and got outplayed for 90 minutes against a team that lost 3-0 to Villarreal? Classic Gab the Inter fan and ESPN being anti-Juve.

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