Juventus lost their nerves because of controversy – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti joins the ESPN FC crew to talk through Inter Milan’s 1-0 win over Juventus in Serie A, courtesy of Hakan Calhanoglu’s penalty winner, which caused much controversy.
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45 respuestas a Juventus lost their nerves because of controversy – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

  1. f9 marcello dijo:

    empathy for the ref ? that was the worse refereeing ive seen since italy-south korea.

  2. Anyone know who are the paintings behind Frank in his house??

  3. rico dijo:

    VAR was only used to help inter. Inter players literally pulled juve players by the leg to stop the play and didn't receive yellows. The referring was a joke

  4. JohnZ811 dijo:

    Ref's did seem to have a biased toward Inter during the game… <3 Serie A

  5. gab is a inter supporter lol

  6. sampam786sn dijo:

    Frank hates every league except for the Prem. He's biased

  7. B1897 dijo:

    Ahahahahahhaa, VAR was right. There was a clear foul inside the penalty box on Zakaria in the second half.

    You clearly do not see well or defend the fu.kin referees too much.

  8. J Simm dijo:

    Lost nerves because of what?? That makes no sense

  9. FailedCliczy dijo:

    Inter was given the won

  10. anil bodar dijo:

    juve don't need to complain .. coz they along with madrid always win with ref's help .. just look at both clubs important matches

  11. Whoa, that league table is insane. ???? 66 points, thats like the Leicester season

  12. Shaka reaction juventus please ,??juventus out tittle race

  13. Inter's win against Juventus means that they are still alive in title race and Juventus are so bad in finishing

  14. controversy? no way this was not a fix. and for the dummies out there, check out how and why Juventus are taking them to court for those titles back the sponsor of the club who gained the most, who is still in charge, `lost` information that made both parties `guilty`. Celebrating this result is celebrating corruption. it is clear as day.

  15. bosco joseph dijo:

    I feel good for the results, when Vilahovic was wanted by Arsenal he said he wanted a team hungry for titles and went to Juve so let him eat his humble pie

  16. Naman Mehta dijo:

    11 vs 12 what can we expect. Merda inter.

  17. Forza Juve dijo:

    a draw would have been fair? you're delusional…inter was soooo outplayed

  18. Forza Juve dijo:

    if VAR was present, Zakaria would have gotten his penalty

  19. Forza Juve dijo:

    Gab..you missed a good game…he stopped play for a foul he saw in the 6..but because of the encroachment he should have allowed the goal but he couldn't because he stopped play so he called a retake…other wise if there was no foul it would have been a drop ball on the 6…yikes

  20. BobbyMarley dijo:

    Var saved that ref. Looks like he called a non existent foul on Hakan’s rebound goal. Ref is lucky VAR said retake.

  21. I’m a premiere league fan and I say Serie A is back. This was one of the best game I have watched this year.

  22. Yashwanth TS dijo:

    Cheilini is the most important player for juventus and italy

  23. I’m sorry normally I respect frank, but has he become an idiot overnight? His comments are actually a joke and a very bad one

  24. The ignorance of the espn crew when it’s not about Real, Barca or EPL is unbelievable and actually disgusting… I’m done with this channel

  25. Mr. Blake dijo:

    I'm with Frank about Delight. The Inter's player hand barely touched his face and he went down like a tank hit him

  26. Kate Ground dijo:

    No controversy for me they should have gave the goal

  27. Once they get better defenders, Vlahovic will get them the UCL crown

  28. André Rigon dijo:

    No mentioning of a Second yellow for Lautaro?

  29. sam Love dijo:

    Deligt is the best center back in Europe keep shitting on him so we can bring these clips up

  30. sam Love dijo:

    Your opinion is appalling. Go chill with pogba

  31. sam Love dijo:

    Are you crazy bar didn’t help today at all. Why didn’t they throw lotaro out? Use the var studs to the face is a red no debate.

  32. sam Love dijo:

    You must have watched a different game then the rest of the world not even the title is true.

  33. Tsi Moi dijo:

    One of these days Dan will know how to properly pronounce Calhanoglu's name ?

  34. Kreese2008 dijo:

    Juve are the Italian PSG. They only buy their way to trophies. Inter, AC and Napoli are the real clubs!

  35. Are you serious?!?! Did you see the game?! Juventus should have had a penalty on Zak. Lautaro KICKED LOCATELLI IN THE HEAD. How is that not a red?? Ref and VAR were horrible!

  36. Billy Dedon dijo:

    Who thought at this time of the season Juventus will be in top 4 and just 7 points behind 4th place they have really improved a lot.

  37. TheBez85 dijo:

    We just ignoring the fact the foul on Zakaria was clearly in the box and the penalty wasn’t given

  38. Juventus aren't good enough to compete with inter .

  39. The Wumpus dijo:

    Juve are so bad at scoring, that usually gives the other team the chance to take the lead

  40. Billy Dedon dijo:

    I would never force my children to support the same club that I support. They have complete freedom to support Barcelona or leave my house?❤️?Barcelona until death do us part

  41. Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!

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