STADIUM TOUR: The Allianz Stadium: The Home of Juventus FC: Pitch Side, Changing Rooms, Media & More

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* Tottenham fan Chris Cowlin tours the Allianz Stadium, the home of Juventus

* Chris Cowlin

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30 respuestas a STADIUM TOUR: The Allianz Stadium: The Home of Juventus FC: Pitch Side, Changing Rooms, Media & More

  1. F B dijo:

    Not gonna lie not as big as I thought it was

  2. Jai Rawat dijo:

    i go for tottenham to

  3. How to buy ticket stadium tour?better website or on the spot? January i visit turin

  4. ح يقرأأ بيه باسم الكربلائي

  5. $lidezin dijo:

    O Allianz Parque é mais bonito!

  6. Gordon Kerr dijo:

    You fairly get around COYS

  7. andy peacock dijo:

    What a beautiful stadium and to think our boys will grace that field in 9 hours! COME ON YOU SPURS! Nights like this are what its all about!!! Brilliant video m8!

  8. Thanks Chris, What an amazing stadium. I think this will be a tougher test than Real Madrid. Hopefully we'll get at least a point. COYS

  9. Great video Chris I think we will come away with a 2-0 win Harry and Lucas with the goals COYS

  10. alan warner dijo:

    Glad to see your over there Chris,your gonna bring us luck,we have to take the game to them ,just like Madrid,come on you Spurs.

  11. Brian E dijo:

    Love how the seat colours create pictures like mosaics. I hope we can create similar at the new Stadium.

  12. Andrew dijo:

    How are their panels compared to ours?

  13. Thank you Chris for showing our stadium and our history in your videos! I'm looking forward to see your next updates on new white hart lane. I will definitely come in London and make a video of a stadium tour in NWHL. Have a nice stay in Turin and have a good match 🙂 Forza Juve!

  14. Clive Rodber dijo:

    Thans for all you do for Spurs Chris .. Another great video from "within" ! Enjoy tomorrow as much as us #COYS

  15. Great video Chris can't wait for java game come on the spurs.

  16. WARREN DAY dijo:

    Holy Shit tgat club shop was massive and ours is going to bigger. DAMN! ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A YID. Thanks Chris #COYS

  17. garybaconman dijo:

    did you let yourself in

  18. Abbas Zaidi dijo:

    What’s with those poles in each corner obstructing the view? God I miss the shelf ?

  19. Tiger Tony dijo:

    Thanks – Look like a proper football ground with the stands so close to the pitch, what surprises me though is that for such a big club the capacity is under 42,000, it could be that the attendance for the second leg at Wembley might be nearly double that.

  20. Spurs è la mia storia di un grande amore

  21. I think their old stadium was better, other than the running track, at Delle Alpi.

  22. OMG Chris u r already in Italy

  23. Nick Arndt dijo:

    They always have great atmospheres and now you can see why… tremendous stadium. The outside doesn’t do the inside justice. So hyped for this match now COYS!

  24. Paul King dijo:

    another great video chris keep it up mate can't wait for the game now we can do it coys spurs for life

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