Fiorentina 1-1 Hellas Verona | Fiorentina pegged back by Caprari | Serie A 2021/22

The Viola were looking to bounce back from their last-minute defeat against Sassuolo last week but Caprari’s goal from the spot denied the hosts a 3rd win in 4 outings | Serie A 2021/22

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48 respuestas a Fiorentina 1-1 Hellas Verona | Fiorentina pegged back by Caprari | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Piatek is my favorite striker

  2. Aria Bima dijo:

    tudor do really great job with hellas.. want to see him at "bigger" club soon

  3. El Indio dijo:

    I hoped for Europa League qualification. Maybe I just need to accept a comfortable top 10 finish this year. After 2-3 years of being at the wrong end of the Serie A, that's a significant upturn ?

  4. There should be football ⚽️ in India ?? also

  5. Eddie 87 dijo:

    Like comment on subscribe

  6. Toreira has the best chance to tap in from calejon crossing..

  7. verona is really something since the arrival of Tudor. this young coach is outstanding considering the players at his disposal. i bet them to enter the european competition!

  8. P. D. dijo:

    Dałby sobie spokój z tą cieszynką bo można to różnie odbierać.

  9. I swear, Piatek has the best celebration in world of football today.

  10. Yuly Arif dijo:

    Italiano made a great job at fiorentina

  11. Kevin Lasgna is one of the worst strikers in Serie A, year after year this guys misses easy chances smh his only talent is his pace.

  12. Fans TFs dijo:

    Both teams need to stay in serie a.. fair result

  13. Piatek slowly back to his old top form.

  14. Piatek comeback onfire ???

  15. Happy to see piatek do well again

  16. Fiorentina are terrible at finishing.

  17. Ovaj Pio nemože da se poredi sa Vlahovićem da je Vlahović imao takve šanse rezultat bi bio 4:1 za Fiorentinu prokockani bodovi

  18. Todo jogo esse camisa 19 , marca gol

  19. MR9 Studio dijo:

    Nice finish by Piątek !

  20. Piątek e' un bidone. Lo dico palesamente dall;inizio della sua carriera. E non mi tiro indietro oggi….

  21. buen partido del fiorentina

  22. Abell Seyfu dijo:

    One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates _?

  23. Here cause of piantek?❤️

  24. centy centor dijo:

    Go pistolero, go for your own win.

  25. Thanks for giving us vlahovic

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