Bologna 2-1 Spezia | Arnautovic double seals the points for Bologna | Serie A 2021/22

The Austrian leads his side to a first win in six, their first of 2022 with Spezia conceding another late goal in a repeat of last week’s result | Serie A 2021/22

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37 respuestas a Bologna 2-1 Spezia | Arnautovic double seals the points for Bologna | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Papa Papa dijo:

    Nautl du bist unser Hawara???

  2. 1988 URBW dijo:


  3. Rey Manaj 1 goal
    Arnautovic 2 goal
    Bonazzoli 1 goal
    Inter striker now 0 goal

  4. 8 goals from Arni in 23 Games… ??

  5. ultraczds dijo:

    Arnautovic looks like Titan.Real Serb.tall,strong…

  6. buen partido del spezia

  7. Great performance by Bologna ???. Amautovic played phenomenal Football in winning cause ???.

  8. Harry Kane is better than Arnautovic.
    Raheem Sterling is better than Arnautovic. Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Arnautovic. Serie A players are not world class and that's why Italian teams fail when they play against English teams in the UEFA Champions league. Who the h*ll is

  9. Hope he is holding his form, from this game, if yes than can bologna celebrate much more goals from "arnie",…austrians zlatan

  10. Forza Bologna!La Serbia ti ama molto.

  11. Umak You dijo:

    inter < milan < spezia < bologna

  12. Bernd Ecke dijo:

    Bravo Marco,bist der King

  13. Markus Lang dijo:


  14. 1:45 That would've been called offside if it were a PL VAR ref?

  15. STOP RACISM! Italian league is boring and with low standard compared with the English premier league yet racism exist. They don't realize they fail anytime their team compete with the English teams UEFA champions league. Racism also exist in English league but not as much as Italian league. And that's why English Premier league is the best in the World. Even Cristiano Ronaldo prefers English Premier league (he only spent one league in the boring and low Standard Italian league ( what a shame)). Same thing happened in the second World War when you Italians and your allies felt you are better than the Jews and Slavs (Russians). And what happened? You Italians where defeated during the Second World war. When will Italian teams start beating English teams in the Prestigious UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? The only thing you Italians know how to do is to degrade other people but in reality these people(s) are far better than you Italians. Italian teams performance against English teams in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for the past 15 years is so boring I always feel like gauging out my eyes. Italian league is also so boring I felt like gauging out my eyes. English Premier league is the best.

  16. Looked like Arnautovic was smiling on the thumbnail. Must be deep fake ?

  17. Humor dijo:

    марко ?????????

  18. Rob Yates dijo:

    Serie A is like watching paint dry ??

  19. Finally Arnautovic with a decent Game this season ?

  20. Did bologna win the game ? Interesting.


  22. dopo la vittoria rubata a san siro, spezia in b, si spera

  23. 21h dijo:

    Orsolini, Barrow, Sansone.. Bologna got some men who can make things happen

  24. Arnautovic is a Ibra Austrian.. great player…

  25. Suleiimani dijo:

    Musa Barrow❤️❤️??

  26. BUZZ dijo:

    No Viktor – no vitória.

  27. first goal by bologna was offside, but in italy the same situation has 29 different outcomes…. disgusting

  28. Arnautovic is one of the best strikers in Serie A

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