[FULL MATCH] UWCL: Juventus – FC Barcelona (0-2)

A lead for the second leg in the Estadi Johan Cruyff. Barça Women dominated the first leg of the last 32 tie against Juventus in Turin with goals from Alexis and Marta Torrejón giving them the advantage ahead of the second leg.
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25 respuestas a [FULL MATCH] UWCL: Juventus – FC Barcelona (0-2)

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  3. Alexis Sosa dijo:

    44:47 Alexia Putellas 39'
    1:33:11 Marta Torrejón 72'

  4. Alxis Sosa dijo:

    Girls, you are so cool❤️?

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  6. 33:12 este pase lo hace un hombre y hablan de él una semana, pero como es Alexia pues nada…

  7. itu TT dipakein BH gak sih? takutnya gondal gandul?

  8. Girls, You are so good ????????????

  9. If there is Luis Enrique the men will win the champions league

  10. Where's rayo vallecano femenino match i didn't find it

  11. Son Nguyen dijo:

    Đây là YouTube của ai vậy

  12. la 11 femenina regatea mas que dembele

  13. Brca is unstoppable both in male and female players.
    Who like Messi.
    Give a like for him.

  14. Nova Man dijo:

    All the best barce hope they win ucl

  15. SGV X3 CYS dijo:

    Maria Leon1⃣1⃣1⃣ welcome to first man team? TOP player ?????

  16. When is their next match … I need our girls team fixture

  17. Ryan Gaming dijo:

    women football is so bad

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