Alessandro Del Piero explains his complicated situation with Juventus | ESPN FC

Alessandro Del Piero was on ESPN FC Extra Time to talk Juventus, in particular Gianluigi Buffon leaving the club for Parma.

0:00 Del Piero reveals his discussions with Buffon about his move.
1:04 Does Del Piero wish he stayed longer at Juve?
3:34 Why he’s never been back to Turin to see a Juve game.
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34 respuestas a Alessandro Del Piero explains his complicated situation with Juventus | ESPN FC

  1. Foqus Lab dijo:

    he’s so fun to listen to

  2. ADP will always be my captain.

  3. mkm282 dijo:

    I'm an Inter fan but I just cannot hate this guy. He's the only part of Juve that I really like

  4. VGXR dijo:

    Can anyone explain what is wrong between Juventus (presumably Agnelli) and ADP?

  5. VGXR dijo:

    Even as an Interista, I always have very high respect for ADP10…

  6. Del Piero, what a legend for Juve! I was so blessed to watch him play for Juve and the Italian national team! One of the all time greats for Juve!

  7. This guy made me love soccer and juventus

  8. He will have to go to a home game when they will give his name to the stadium. respect to Alex!

  9. Peyman dijo:

    Having a legend there makes these commentaries much much better…

  10. italnsd dijo:

    Grazie Alex per la tua sincerita', per non aver scelto di dire facili parole di circostanza per evitare di esibire delle emozioni personali cosi' intense davanti a una platea televisiva. Parola di un altro tifoso juventino a vita, e emigrato nella California del Sud da 20 anni, le tue parole mi hanno commosso, mostrando che i veri grandi sono spinti dal fuoco della passione e non solo dal denaro. E' destino che i due piu' grandi idoli della mia vita di tifoso, tu e Bettega, non abbiate concluso la carriera con la maglia squadra di cui siete stati le bandiere piu' amate. Spero un giorno di poterti stringere la tua mano in riconoscenza per tutte le emozioni che mi hai regalato, non ultima questa intervista. Magari a N10 a LA

  11. He said yes I would stay longer. Oh so heartbreaking

  12. As a devoted fan of both alex n juve…I dream of their reunion .. I do hope Alex will come back to Juve as part of Juve development team or whatever.

  13. LoneStoat dijo:

    Love you Ale. My Juve hero.

  14. Alex Gg dijo:

    Maldini,del piero, totti and messi loyal to their clubs

  15. Marcin dijo:

    Still bigger than Andrea Agnelli

  16. Miroslav BG dijo:

    As a lifelong Juve fan only thing I can say is that to me this person is the GOAT

  17. This guy will always be a legend in my heart. He will always be my hero❤️⚫️⚪️

  18. G B dijo:

    Incredible how little they understand. He is talking about how Juve management mistreated him and they are just oblivious.

  19. Luigi Marzo dijo:

    i m fc inter supportert and we hate juventus. but honestly i love del piero

  20. Oneman1998 dijo:

    He wasn't better than baggio.

  21. Pirelli913 dijo:

    That pause right before he says "Yes" you can see the pain in his eyes. As a Juve fan since '97, I was devastated when he left. He will always be my favorite Juve player.

  22. Steven Rota dijo:

    Juve collapsed for SOME REASON? ?

  23. Sam Roberts dijo:

    Remember as a young Man City fan playing Juventus in the UEFA cup and I got there early with my Dad just to watch this guy warm up, took 3 of the best free kicks I’ve ever seen one after the other ? , unreal player and lucky I got to see him play live ✌️

  24. Mario Dee dijo:

    Great man, Great player, Legend.. One of my fav players of all time. Thank you for all great memories Alex!!!

  25. Del Piero is still the best player I’ve seen.
    I saw that last game against Atalanta 2012. I was in tears. Fans crying while he said good bye! I miss him so much in a Juve-shirt. He’s my all time favorite player. Grazie di tutto Alex!

  26. C Synch dijo:

    Del Piero will singlehandedly herald the arrival of laceless casual dress sneaker.

  27. A F dijo:


  28. Ajeje Brazov dijo:

    Relegated for "SOME" reason?! Come on dude Juve had every referee on a payroll

  29. DelBaggio dijo:

    Del Piero u are Juve legend forever.

  30. Itsik Hefez dijo:

    I've been a Juve fan since 1995 and it all started with Del Piero!

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