Better Champions League hopes: Manchester United or Juventus? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Gab Marcotti join Sebastian Salazar on Sunday’s edition of ESPN FC Extra Time:
0:00 Sebi cannot find the questions!
1:30 Will Gavi pass Sergio Ramos for the most yellow/red cards in his career?
2:20 How dangerous are Arsenal for their quest for the Premier League top 4?
2:45 How difficult is it as a EPL side playing a smaller side in the FA Cup?
6:00 Is time ticking for Jose Mourinho at AS Roma?
8:50 Who has a better chance to qualify for the Champions League next season: Manchester United or Juventus?
10:20 What should the realistic aim be for Aston Villa this season?
11:20 What did the FC guys think of pundits during their careers?
20:50 Would Craig rather join the Gab & Juls podcast or go see Frank Leboeuf’s play?
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29 respuestas a Better Champions League hopes: Manchester United or Juventus? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. beckham9018 dijo:

    Im pretty sure the player Gab was talking about was Roy Kean

  2. Ariel Guzman dijo:

    Please dlr the love of god don’t change

  3. So Icey Boyz dijo:

    Premier league is overrated

  4. Shaka with the Gab put down, hilarious. I love this channel. Burley is very funny too. Keep up the good work everyone

  5. finally lol extra time now in 1080p

  6. David Arze dijo:

    I hate that I laughed at “too much of Frank in the buff” ?

  7. umesh patel dijo:

    2 mins wasted on small talk ??

  8. Juve fan myself but I'll say United. Nothing to do with how well they play – they are abject – but the competition: just 4 points behind Arsenal with game in hand, though we'll have to see what happens with Spurs' 2 games in hand as well.

    Juventus are finding it hard to chase Atalanta. 3 pts behind and Atalanta have 1 game in hand, while Fiorentina behind Juve also have 1 game to play. If those teams slip up then Juve will have a real chance.

  9. Andrew Gayle dijo:

    Decent gym membership: $30/mo. Not getting fat shamed by your coworkers and your clothes: priceless

  10. Where is dan !? Who is this guy ?

  11. The Bel dijo:

    I said it before, whenever Craig wears his Salmon color jacket, you know a rant is coming. ???

  12. Adam McHugh dijo:

    gab makes me turn the sound off.

  13. Tier 3 league MLS acting special lol ? oh Americans

  14. Cursedr R dijo:

    Where is Dan? He is the perfect host for these commentators.

  15. Ian Doll dijo:

    Craig today: "oh its tough on the big clubs against these smaller club in Cup play"
    Craig tomorrow after playing a PL club in Cup: "United isnt good enough. Why are we making excuses about them."

  16. Both are in shamble for different reasons. One bc they don't have Ronaldo anymore, the other bcus they have Ronaldo lol

  17. CRSocial dijo:

    Struggle to watch extra time when its anyone else presenting but dan. Snooze fest

  18. why ESPN FC isn't on Facebook? you would earn more i think

  19. AudiAliasTT dijo:

    Shak, are the players even watching to take ESPNs comment "personally". ????

  20. AudiAliasTT dijo:

    Arsenal were controlled by Forest who, though a sleeping giant, "small club", imo, played some Premier esk style of football. Spence at Right Back, showed many moments of quality and even the odd moment of class. He was the Forest stand out pick of the bunch having Arsenal's Martinelli and others on his side of the park, politely tucked away in his pocket when defending and on toast when attacking down the flank. Surprisingly, Spence is a loanee from Middlesbrough.

  21. Think its time Ronaldo gave it away and focused on being a father…he has enough money.

  22. AudiAliasTT dijo:

    ESPN. West Ham, like City, started with a strong team and were sound, with some positive performances. Good result and draw in the next round.

  23. Soren P dijo:

    This world needs more men like Craig

  24. Why Craig took it light today ?

  25. funnyxboy dijo:

    ESPN without Dan is BORING !!! Seb is just Not FUNNY !!!!

  26. Coutinho will be a flop, and Gerrard will be sacked soon.

  27. . dijo:

    Americans talking about football feels wrong

  28. dv dijo:

    craig absolutly top banter

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