Juventus Wins and Gets Closer to Inter

Juventus FC joins again the battle for the title of the maximum Italian league after the 2-1 victory obtained before Catania in the past weekend match day (23rd). With this triumph, Juve gets a push up following the failure on the two last games, which had already made them descend from the second position to the third, putting them in danger of staying to far from the top position.

The encounter started with Juve dominating the sphere and effectively attacking Catania that at the 11 minutes saw Vincenzo Iaquinta scored their first goal.

However Iaquinta had a short celebration, as in the middle of the euphoria pulled up his shirt, which is consider an infraction, therefore the referee showed up the yellow card. Just a minute after, following a fault committed to a rival, Iaquinta got another yellow card, immediately followed by a red one that sending-off.

With Iaquinta gone, Catania saw La Vecchia Signora’ number of players’ inferiority inconvenience and started to push harder and harder.

For the beginning of the second part Catania was in charge of the situation, harassing continuously the frame defended by Gianluigi Buffon. And in a dangerous move being unable to stop the sphere, Gigi could only deflect it for a moment, during which it was intercepted by the Japanese Takayuki Morimoto to send it straight to Buffon, who could not caught it. This way, at the minute 51, the Rossazzurri tied the scores 1-1.

Determined to not lose more points that could banish their hopes of fighting for the title, the Bianconeri -that by them already looked tired for the pressure- began to fight back more sturdily to survive and repel the assaults from their potent adversaries.

All this provoked that the keeper Gigi Buffon made a display of an extraordinary effort that demonstrated his quality and high level of competitiveness, turning him into the best player of the clash. Another fundamental piece in the game strategy of the Juve was the Brazilian forward Amauri, who constantly hunt to tiebreaker, but by not having the support of Vicenzo Iaquinta, was incapable of completing one of his aggressive moves.

With both teams evidently affected by the weariness, seamed that the match would conclude with a draw, before such situation, Claudio Ranieri, the Zebras trainer, took the right choice, within minutes to the end, of replacing a Tiago for the Danish Chris Poulsen, who in the 92′ stole the ball from the defender of the Elephants, Christian Terlizzi; Poulsen stopped it and with a powerful hit fired up the net from Albano Bizarri, who could not do anything to grabbed.

This conquest gave Juve the opportunity of removing AC Milan from second to third place, since their tie 1-1 against Reggina, could not get them enough points to remain at the second best position of the calcio. Juventus with 46 points is bellowing Inter, which stays at the top of the tournament with 53pts.

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