Season 1990/1991. FC Barcelona – Juventus FC – 3:1

UEFA Cup Winners Cup 1990/1991. 1/2 final. First match. 10 Apr 1991

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5 respuestas a Season 1990/1991. FC Barcelona – Juventus FC – 3:1

  1. Fa anys que no veig el Barça jugant amb aquesta intensitat i aquest sentit del risc. El dream team era divertidíssim

  2. Dan Youtube dijo:

    A nice long run from Baggio at 51:39, only stopped just outside the box by a lunging foul. At 1:02:25 a blatant dive by Koeman, the ref didn't buy it and he sheepishly grins to himself, no card! He somehow seemed able to break the rules quite blatantly without being caught or properly punished when he was caught. 1:09:58 He fouls Hassler on the edge of the Barcelona box, bringing to an end the German's jinking run, no free kick! He has the cheek to put a hand on Hassler's shoulder as he runs past him afterward, as if to commiserate!

  3. Dan Youtube dijo:

    Brilliant game to watch, thanks for the upload.I was amused by the goings on as Koeman hovers over the free kick starting at 27:00; the wall was apparently not retreating far enough and Koeman was getting angry. Baggio got booked, but continued to provocatively roam forward of the wall, it seemed, and Koeman became more agitated, approaching the wall and gesticulating in a commanding manner. I wonder if it made Koeman more inclined to viciously foul Baggio in the second leg, something the Dutchman mysteriously got away with.Barcelona were very shaky at the back in the first half, a misjudge pass granting Casiraghi the chance to score and another which lead to Schillaci running past a few defenders and shooting wide, then at 37:16 a defender controls the ball poorly and feels obliged to foul Schillaci (for which he receives a yellow for what would be a sure red, as last man, a few years later). And again at 51:04, a defender tries to clear a long high Juve pass away from the man on the flank, but this gives it to Roberto Baggio in the penalty area, who takes it away from the foot of another defender before being foiled by the keeper.
    It looked like it would be a Juve night at this point. Misses over both legs, particularly by Schillaci, cost Juve dearly. In this first half they marginally looked the better of the two teams, though Barcelona frequently threatened to get in great scoring positions, and in the return leg Juve seemed dominant for most of the game. I wish I had seen this match at the time, but I wasn't particularly interested in watching football at the time, didn't even know who most of these giants of football were (I think I had heard Schillaci's name mentioned a lot due to his Italia 90 fame, and of course I had heard of Barcelona), and I don't know if it would even have been broadcast in England.

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