Season 1990/1991. Juventus FC – FC Barcelona – 1:0 (highlights)

UEFA Cup Winners Cup 1990/1991. 1/2 final. Second match. 24 Apr 1991

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12 respuestas a Season 1990/1991. Juventus FC – FC Barcelona – 1:0 (highlights)

  1. La più bella Juve di Manfredi

  2. Dan Youtube dijo:

    Shame Baggio didn't score @7:14, he controls it well and smoothly alters his balance to immediately hit it with his left. @8:22 a nice exchange of passes ends with the shot going wide, but the last pass is played by Schillaci. I think he had time to shoot, but perhaps didn't realise it and passed it on instantly.

  3. Non l'avevo più vista.. Partita stregata…avevamo stradominato.

  4. Paragonata a quella merda di Sarri anche la Juve di Maifredi era uno squadrone.

  5. Ricordo quella partita di coppa delle coppe, allo stadio delle Alpi! ⚪⚫⚽️?
    Nonostante Maifredi, la Juve era forte.
    Peccato…non riuscimmo nella qualificazione. ?⚽️
    Complimenti al Barcellona.

  6. Presente in tribuna. Meritavamo noi

  7. bruno fossa dijo:

    Presente in Curva Scirea!

  8. Scooter7788 dijo:

    Davvero un peccato quella partita, mi dispiacque molto perché meritavamo di più.

  9. Meritavamo di passare. Almeno le occasioni sono state create. La Juve di allegri invece pensa solo a difendere.

  10. Mi girano i coglioni ancora adesso.

  11. Dan Youtube dijo:

    Koeman's challenge on Baggio @6:18….vicious. I'm surprised Baggio could continue. Hurtled at him and elbowed the star man of the Italian side, the scorer of the goal shortly before, in the head. As so often was the case he got away with it (I remember him fouling Platt as the last man, staying on the field and then scoring a free kick which basically ended England's hope of reaching USA 94), and his team mate got sent off for a much tamer foul seconds later!

    EDIT: I can see why the player got sent off actually, he seemed to kick Schillaci after he had felled the Juve man. He then gesticulates in the direction of Juventus as if he was complaining about something, though what it could have been I don't know, presumably some incident that isn't shown in this video.

    Such a shame Juve didn't get a second goal though, it would have sent them through on away goals. Juve had lots of chances and seemed to be quite dominant here. Baggio was on great form too. Would have been nice to see them in the final against Man Utd!

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