Spezia 2-3 Juventus | Juve get back to winning ways | Serie A 2021/22

After going down in the first half the Bianconeri turn the game on its head thanks to goals from Chiesa and De Ligt and defeat a valiant Spezia side to come away with all three points | Serie A 2021/22

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50 respuestas a Spezia 2-3 Juventus | Juve get back to winning ways | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Only chiesa have a fighting spirit to winning the game.

  2. ghajini ayya dijo:

    It's a pleasure watching the young chiesa doing his magic ?✨??

  3. can dijo:

    Now Juventus are really better without ronaldo

  4. Phiwa Mabuza dijo:

    Spezia were unlucky


  5. Walker dijo:

    Goran Pandev ?? face scan ???? EA

  6. Abrar Rohan dijo:

    Gyasi doing CR7 celebration just to remind juve what a diamond they lost

  7. Is that Alexander Gustafsson in the thumbnail?? ? Look a like

  8. bcvbb hyui dijo:

    De ligt is world class. He is such a talent in defense, hope Juventus don’t sell him

  9. Anjaday dijo:

    Pemain spezia tiru selebrasi Ronaldo.


  11. Chiesa and kean are underrated

  12. KLAUS dijo:

    That Ronaldo celebration ❤️

  13. Delight looks like bjorn iron sight??

  14. Aoi? dijo:

    Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever
    #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #тренде #однако #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.

  15. vbddfy euuyt dijo:

    Chiesa was the savior once again. Juventus need a huge improvement in the midfield

  16. Bruce Heykel dijo:

    Team badut menang juga akhirnya

  17. Jules R dijo:

    Who needs Ronaldo? ???

    Forza Juve! ⚪⚫

  18. What a match for spezia, they almost send juve home without point, try better next match team…

  19. This Juventus team is a shame to watch. The real problem is with the midfield, it lack transition with the defence and attacking forces. This is the poorest Juventus midfield parade in more than a decade. Lucatelli is smart, skilled and intelligent, but lack that forceful creative projector. McKennie is just there to make up the numbers. Sometimes I wonder if Bentacur plays with his brains left at home…he lacks ideas as a midfielder. It's very glaring that Juventus misses the work rate and driving force of Matuidi, and the holding balance of Kedira. We need midfielders that can transition between the defence and the attack, it will help solve the problem with the defense licking goals in each matches they played. It's pathetic watching Dybala dropping so deep into midfield to get the ball when it should be the midfielders bringing up the ball to him and the other strikers. The midfield is the real problem.

  20. Michele dijo:

    Can this 2:09 this 2:15 and this 2:37 be the new beginning of the new Juventus?? (watch out they are all new young players)

  21. Anvar dijo:

    No Ronaldo No problem ?

  22. De light look like bjorn

  23. 1:06 gyasi/giasi…celebration saying all.

  24. Truong Le dijo:

    Who needs Ronaldo????????????????????

  25. Dawa dijo:

    With how Chiesa has been performing the last 6 months. He is easily top 5 in the world. Carrying the entire Juventus on his shoulders.

  26. Did that spezia player did a Ronaldo celebration after that spectacular goal

  27. Deva smart dijo:

    Chiesa is a guy perfect for Barcelona but they buy guys who doesn't know dribbling ?

  28. the only prson who is serius in that juv linup is only chiesa plays with full spirit and give his 100 prcnt

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