Football in the Guinness Book

There are a lot of records in all sports, some more impressive than others, but they are just as important. Let us look at some of the records registered in football, records which are noted in the Guinness Book.

First of all, you might find it interesting that Arsenal suffered no defeats in forty-nine matches which they played between the 7th of May 2003 and the 16th of October 2004, this being the first team which succeeded in achieving this performance. Then, the longest row of passes was registered in China in 2002, in a competition organized by McDonald’s for kids. This occasion led to five hundred fifty-seven consecutive passes in four hours.

Then, the shortest transfer period applied to a football player is related to Zinedine Zidane, who transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001, the transfer costing forty-seven million dollars. Real Madrid has won the largest number of European Cups from 1957 up to the present. They have nine such cups so far. Last but not least, one thousand two hundred seventy-nine is the largest number of goals ever scored by a football player in his entire career. This player is Pele, the most popular football player in Brazil and even in the world.

These are only some of the most impressive world records ever registered in the Guinness Book, there being a lot of other such events which deserve everyone’s attention. These world records can change at any time, but their result and their impression will always be the same, as the current records are already impressive enough for anyone to doubt that they can be broken.

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