Don’t cry… it’s just a goal 🥹 #Ronaldo first and last goal with Juventus

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39 respuestas a Don’t cry… it’s just a goal 🥹 #Ronaldo first and last goal with Juventus

  1. John Pig dijo:

    Dont join juventus ronaldo join real madrid

  2. PoCamOn dijo:

    Really didn’t care

  3. Ghost dijo:

    Thank u for supporting Ronaldo u guys are the only club that supports him. I hope u know that.

  4. RS creation dijo:

    The fact tht speeds meme is in this video of Juventus…
    Speed definetly should see this

  5. Not a Juventus fan but this is the only club that still loves cristiano like real,sporting,man u all forgot about him and then juve just does thsi

  6. Everyone talking about Juventus respecting Ronaldo
    Me wondering how the official Juventus account used a video of speed

  7. Scanaep dijo:

    Juventus and Ronaldo=respect ❤

  8. This is why I respect Juventus..

  9. What happens i don't get it

  10. Decisions That Killed Ronaldo
    1. leaving Real Madrid for juventus
    2. leaving Juventus For man United
    3. Leaving man United for al nassr

  11. Juventus Ronaldo is underrated

  12. Taha Ikhlaq dijo:

    I love juv bcz they give the respect he deserves

  13. Deez dijo:

    Speed will be happy if he sees Juventus recognized him

  14. Only football fans understand

  15. ZMS Football dijo:

    two goals two tap ins
    tapinaldo hence proved
    not hating just stating

  16. dustin dijo:

    Wth its just a goal

  17. jahzbird dijo:

    Bro respect👌👌

  18. James Bond dijo:

    Best club u deserve all the glory

  19. Deez dijo:

    Every time I hear this song it makes me more sad

  20. Jonas dijo:

    The fact that a whole soccer team knows who speed is is just crazy

  21. Umar 7486 dijo:

    @ishowspeed look you are in Juventus shorts

  22. Rejan Qyrku dijo:

    Thank you cristiano 😢

  23. Dhodi dijo:

    Bro why is speed here 😂😂😂

  24. You guys are awesome Juventus you have respect for everyone but Ronald is just 😭

  25. Dont!Care dijo:

    Manchester United..l wish he would go back

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