‘¡ENFOQUE en jugar bien!’ ¿La batalla por el descenso de la Juventus debería ser su máxima prioridad?| FC ESPN

Gab Marcotti y Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) de ESPN FC analizan la caída de la Juventus en la tabla de la Serie A y la derrota por 2-0 en casa ante Monza. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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14 respuestas a ‘¡ENFOQUE en jugar bien!’ ¿La batalla por el descenso de la Juventus debería ser su máxima prioridad?| FC ESPN

  1. Gab shitting on Juve fans what a big surprise 🤡

  2. Javier Cota dijo:

    The formation doesn’t fit them
    4231 will work better

  3. Mike Barone dijo:

    Wow I hope you didn’t dedicate too much time talking about serie a.

  4. R Dziekan dijo:

    That's what happens when you undermine Monza at home, and put some of your starters on the bench. The team is underperforming and has no creativity going forward, but they definitely have quality players.

  5. juve are +11 on relegation… stop click baiting

  6. Juventus fans don't like Serie A? This is what I am talking about forever. The hardcore fans would like when the smaller teams (clubs and national teams) win, but they will watch anyway. The gloryhunter "fans" of teams like Real, Barca, Juve, will stop watching the second their team is out of the competition. 2004 was the beat season in the CL, but nobody watch it, because the big clubs were out by the quarterfinals (when Milan lost to Deportivo). This is why FIFA and UEFA make sure the big names always win. Hardcore football fans would have enjoyed a tactically good Morocco side play in the final against underrated players like Modric, or say De Bruyne, but the casuals wouldn't watch the finals unless Messi, or Mbappe is playing. And the more goals, the better, even if they are from penalties.
    And we see the result. Bayern are winning their eleventh title, PSG is dominating France, Real and Barcelona in Spain, and Juventus have won 9 in a row. In the CL it's the same 6 or 7 teams every year. The quality in football is there, but it has become boring nevertheless.

  7. 7:41:26 Let’s simply take a moment to appreciate how much hours and work was put into these video!?
    It is unbelievable, and I consider they justify a lot more than that

  8. Juventus Needs to do two things now
    1. Make sure you dont relegate.
    2. Dont give reason to your elite players to leave. Being in Serie A ToP Level may help them achieve this.

  9. D U dijo:

    Allegri def has to go at the end of the season!! He is simply not good enough!!

  10. thiama Gueye dijo:

    Always exagerating on Juve's situation. Juve often manage to bounce back, catch up and overcome his opponents. forza Juve

  11. John Cena dijo:

    Juve should blow it up completely. Sell everyone and fire Allegri. Rebuild again.

  12. Juventus are not in a relegation battle…
    What are these guys smoking??

  13. Juve really should have been docked 30 points instead of 15

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