Kingsley Coman – Welcome to Fc Bayern München 2015 |Juventus FC. 2014/2015HD

Kingsley Coman – Juventus Fc 2015
Kingsley Coman – Welcome to Fc Bayern Müncehn


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♫ Music: Logic – Ballin
Kingsley Coman (born 13 June 1996) is a French professional footballer who plays for Juventus as a forward or attacking midfielder.

Thanks for some clips to Mark Tricarico and varju681 !

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49 respuestas a Kingsley Coman – Welcome to Fc Bayern München 2015 |Juventus FC. 2014/2015HD

  1. Anyone after Coman extended his contract????

  2. Mhmd Ayyad dijo:

    Who knew that after 5 years of his signing. He will score the first and the last goal in ucl for bayern and win them the league in the final…

  3. Erol YAMUT dijo:

    I love this song, what is the name ? ✌️

  4. Taps dijo:

    Destroyed Juventus

  5. I can't wait to see him back in Juve! !!

  6. und wie heißt das Lied was im Hintergrund läuft

  7. Mohamed Yoo dijo:

    what is the name of song

  8. Dopeweed La dijo:

    psg is a racist club..left this talent for buy lucas,cavani loool fucking idiots,that's why they won't never won a champions league with that politic,france have talented players! buying david luiz,silva's,and sack mamadou sakho or coman won't take you anything far

  9. Mister Pek dijo:

    dommage d'avoir claqué 40milllion pou lucas

  10. sterlig vs kingsley coman

  11. Too Psyked dijo:

    Is it only a loan move for a year or is it a pernament deal?

  12. Bryan Ho dijo:

    Anthony Martial vs Kingsley Coman

  13. Jason 56 dijo:

    I'm not a particular fan of french football…but watch out. Perhaps not Euro 2018, but I feel WC 2020 belongs to France (I'm a German fan). Benzema, Griezmann, Martial, Varane, Pogba, Coman, Zouma, Schneiderlin. Fucking scary.

  14. Kingsley Coman > Ribery

  15. badass djs dijo:

    Also da muss man definitiv sagen, diese Saison Hat Bayern extrem effektiv eingekauft. Vidal, coman, Costa . if city or manu would Like to buy for example Costa they would pay 65 Mio . they are reallY stupid

  16. Schulkacke dijo:

    Bayern is a shit CLUB !!!!!

  17. Becker dijo:

    im actually happy that alot of these transfer rumors at bayern about griezman, hazard, bale didnt came true. I´d love to see coman, costa kimmich etc to become huge. costa is doing well already. Just to show that you dont need to buy famous world star players for 50+ million with the most facebook likes to win titles

  18. luster black dijo:

    E' forte ma non come Ronaldo

  19. UngodlyHour dijo:

    Surely can become a great player in the future, but that's it. Nothing too crazy about him.

  20. jj dijo:

    uuuuund abboniert

  21. Cap Quadrat dijo:

    Shitty aspect ratio + shitty music = shitty video

  22. Meme Gamer dijo:

    fc Barcelona kann kommen wir sind vorbereitet 😀

  23. welcome to BaYerN Munich ✋

  24. Robben is out Chance for he to play in THE first Team

    i Personally think we should play like this

    Lahm Mehdi Boa A27

    Vidal/Rode Thiago/Xabi

    Coman Costa



    if we could Get Jefferson Montero in January it would be perfect than Douglas could play on THE right and Montero left

  25. Matteo Cadau dijo:

    He wasn't a first choice at Juve, how can he even imagine to play at bayern?
    Waste of talent!
    I think he is going to be a flop, sorry Bayern fans..

  26. miguel dijo:

    Welcome to Darmstadt

  27. Tim McDonald dijo:

    Talented, but very very raw. For my money Juventus have done excellent business here.

  28. He's going to be just like pogba when Man united sold him, Juve sold coman and once he's a world class player they wish they had him back. Unless they loaned him

  29. Pep verkauft Schweini…Guardiola ist kein guter trainer. Ich will Klopp!

  30. I'm in love with the CoCo (Costa+Coman)

  31. Rabid Dog dijo:

    Costa the new Robben , Coman new Ribery

  32. Phil Perry dijo:

    Nothing special, he is lying on the ground most of the time and he seems completely useless in front of the goal.He has one maybe two skills, which he won't do very often in a proper league.

  33. God Horus dijo:

    Welcome in the best club the world FC Bayern München <3

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