Liverpool Beat Arsenal!! Juventus & Man United Knocked Out Of UCL! & More In Midweek Round-Up

Liverpool Beat Arsenal!! Juventus & Man United Knocked Out Of UCL! & More In Midweek Round-Up
0:00 Intro
3:30 Champions League, Europa League & Europa Conference League Round Up
Premier League Results
1:12:00 Brighton vs Tottenham 0-2
1:28:30 Arsenal vs Liverpool 0-2
2:00:00 Other League Review


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30 respuestas a Liverpool Beat Arsenal!! Juventus & Man United Knocked Out Of UCL! & More In Midweek Round-Up

  1. , Dom you need to get over your hatred for the baller. He might not be the best,but that has nothing to do with the way you carry on. You obviously has a deep dislike for Trent.Pathetic.

  2. Patrioten dijo:

    Man city wish they had Trent 😀

  3. Hope you don't expect Trent to go back and do the traditional way of defending which you know he will successfully do if he were to focus all his energy on that part of the game. He simply does it in a way that pays off and has been very productive over the years

  4. If we are to talk of Liverpool's 3 best players especially this season, Trent is one of them. He's a liability defensively but Liverpool needs him!!!!

  5. Bro talks its not same and easy like we say…we just look and see what end seasson who gonna win the cup…thats its….?

  6. Sonu Chahal dijo:

    The fact is that Southgate is a shit stupid manager
    If he had started Trent.A.A, Jorden Henderson and James Milner for England, England had already won the World Cup 2018 and also the Euro 2021

  7. Watch dani alves for Barcelona watch trent's for liverpool dani was the best right back in world same as Phillip lahm best to even Joshua kimmich same style at right back premier league is more intensity and play alot more games in uk

  8. Awkward moment that Trent and Reece James have made the England squad over Kyle Walker ???

  9. As a liverpool fan I agree Trent is slow

  10. Kenji Misaki dijo:

    i like this aggressive Dom, he had been trying to stay calm.

  11. You was alot better at the start of your YouTube career I guess all the Liverpool fans digging you out must have got to you because you have turned a very salty guy bring back old Dom

  12. Salty guy man said 70 percent of goals come down Trent side also 80 percent of are goals come because of Trent. come on dom your better then this ?

  13. 1:41:22 How many goals or assists Martinelli scored? Beating Trent aint gonna give arsenal 3 points is it DOM? Dom stop being salty towards Liverpool and Trent and accept Trent is the best rb in the world. And congrats to Martinelli on beating Trent 1v1. Anyways I expect better from Dom and his opinion for Trent is nothing but him being salty. by the way I agree Reece James is also a great right back but Walker is worst of them lot. also Let me remind you Dom it was Martinelli's 4th game vs Trent this season and he has scored a grand total of 0 goals.

  14. A lot of sour grapes mate about Trent you would love him in the city teen maybe then walker would jog on then him being a liability to city .

  15. You are supposed to be a man city manager after pep

  16. We are not complaining ?? okay. We are winning

  17. If Trent isn't good how come Liverpool don't conceive goals?????.

  18. Sal Dad dijo:


  19. umayr shaikh dijo:

    Crazy we’ve only lost 2 games this season despite trent being bad defensively

  20. This guy talking about teams beating us last year ??‍♂️. Maybe you don’t know but our team was devastated by injuries last season bro. And guess what…we still finished 3 lol. You’re rattled

  21. If every opposing player can have Trent twirling and Liverpool end games with a clean sheet we are good with that. Dom you talking crap! The way we play, Trent is encouraged to go forward so space will definitely be left behind him. We know this and we will keep playing this way because his contributions on the offensive end outweighs the defensive side. We have a great defensive record so you can keep hating.
    Btw…I’ve heard YOU say he’s the best in the world so stop contradicting yourself bro

  22. Arnold Nkosi dijo:

    Hopefully Brighton attack turns up against city ??

  23. Fun Fact: Teams that have taken points against Man City earlier this season have gone to do the same thing in their reverse fixtures against the Cityzens. The only one left of those teams that is yet to play against City is Liverpool

  24. You're big mouth,think about your mannitol.

  25. Nic Freedman dijo:

    Come on Dom……. How can you say Arsenal were the better team??? Yes they played well to limit Liverpool in the first half. They had two clear chances, one from Thiago’s poor back pass and the late on Martinelli slots wide. We had 3 shots on target, VVD drew a good save. Then bang bang….. we kept Arsenal at arms length.
    Martinelli did get past Trent a few times, but what was the end product??? Nothing. Trent would smash you in a foot race stop dreaming old man???
    Excessive Salt today Dom, are you getting rattled?? The hunt is on bro……
    City have stumbled a bit lately, clearly shakin yo ass

  26. This is gonna go down to the wire liverpool is definately the favourite and city could be the hunte because liverpool next game is before city play their next game city can be playing catch up,,,yippee and that's coming from a tottenham supporter

  27. Victor ojomo dijo:

    Ha Ha Ha dom if you guys win the league by one point that is because of the referee cheat when you guys played against Everton if a penalty was given for the Rodri hand ball we would have been at the top of the league with 1 point ahead so remember that dom before you start talking shit and that penalty that was not given for the rodri handball hurt we liverpool fans right now a little bit cause we should be going into the international break at the top of the league if not for the cheating bastard referee just so annoying giving city a win you guys don't deserve when you guys where absolutely shambles in the game Rodri dumb handball not given which was absolutely criminal from the referees, corruption doing city a favour because they are probably city fans or maybe they just hate my team liverpool and they want city to win the league so dom if you guys win the league this season again with 1 point just know it is because of that Everton game and everyone will be talking about the game and absolutely fuming with the referee that officiate in that game cause what they did wasn't acceptable at all what they did in the game was criminal and the referees should have been punished for that but they where not punished which is absolutely wrong the referees commit all sort of atrocity and get away with it which is absolutely wrong if a player or a manager do something wrong they get punished for there sin but it's only the referees that does not get punished which is absolutely disgraceful and not acceptable at all if it was a Everton player that make that dumb handball am pretty sure it will be given as a penalty to city.

  28. Trent is the best right back in the world. Who cares about England. In club football Trent is levels above anyone. I will rather have 11 assists from RB than 0 assists from Walker.

  29. Another case of selective memory from Dom so here's the FACTS Matinelli destroyed Cancelo at the Emirates, but according to Dom Cancelo has flicks,tricks and shoots so he is a great fullback. So Trent has more goals and assists FACT but according to Dom we shouldn't consult the stats we should look at flicks,tricks and shots simply ridiculous. He also fails to mention Cancelos terrible performances against Tottenham and Liverpool. Dom has even took to blaming goals on Trent that clearly weren't his fault FACT. Arsenal outplayed City at the Emirates and conceded a 93 minute goal to lose the game all not mentioned By Dom but according to Dom Liverpools goals against Arsenal were soft. Finally our right back position is so heavily exploited that we have best number of clean sheets in the PL with City and a better goal difference. So there's the FACTs and watching the stream last night my opinion is DOM IS RATTLED. YNWA Rich Squad AM OUT

  30. Sean Tapper dijo:

    Trent as never being a good defender van knows that that why they try to cover him that liverpool style klopp knows that he the best going forward he the best with dead balls assist and it works liverpool are up there with city we got weaknesses so does city

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