Lionel Messi NEW Barcelona contract?! Cristiano Ronaldo STAYING at Juventus? | ESPN FC

Julien Laurens joins Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to delve into the latest surrounding the futures of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with Barcelona and Juventus.

0:00 Messi’s reported contract intricacies.
1:08 Who might Barcelona offload this summer?
2:07 What’s going to happen with Ronaldo? Can anyone even afford to sign him?
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Lionel Messi NEW Barcelona contract?! Cristiano Ronaldo STAYING at Juventus? | ESPN FC

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50 respuestas a Lionel Messi NEW Barcelona contract?! Cristiano Ronaldo STAYING at Juventus? | ESPN FC

  1. huang jack dijo:

    The feeble feigned prose phylogenitically hate because smash ophthalmoscopically flow from a divergent question. tricky, unusual windchime

  2. Ronaldo is crazy for staying..He might as well Sign for Arsenal

  3. Welcome to Bayern Munich bench ?

  4. Bon Kngr dijo:

    Messi should go to ROMA to regain back Maradona trophies and it will be great Maradona tribute and it will bring back ROMA life's

  5. TM Pa Raul dijo:

    TIME FOR MESSI TO EARN 2. Years 900 million 450 a year further bankrupting Barca

  6. Messi and CR7 will just finish maybe their last season in Europe and both will move to David Beckham's Inter Miami. Messi already bought a house there. Messi's new contract is 2 seasons at Barca then move to MLS but also become Barca's Ambassador to the U.S.
    CR7 can move freely anywhere, I just see him maybe at PSG for a season or two, then join Messi there too.

  7. Ziko Zizi dijo:

    Messi won't be able to play in any other team anyway.

  8. At this point Juve needs more depth, not the greatest player, they should sell him to PSG and get some young, talented players

  9. Tapes dijo:

    Messi has done more than enough for Barcelona. Recall the time when Messi mentioned he wants to try something new, I think this an opportunity Messi has to take to play in another club.. Barca' fans and the team shouldn't be upset with Messi doing something better for his football career, however making the decision to leave is not a hate gesture to the club. He'll always love Barcelona no matter, wherever.. Literally everybody is shrinking Messi's capabilities to be different and it's such a shame that a player with such 'out of this world' gift should make the his decisions in favor of keeping others happy. Thats just sad

  10. AnJordan dijo:

    Ronaldo and Messi official announced a new Club.
    Meraldo Lioveiro.

  11. Espn love for cr7 is just incredible ??

  12. Jules really have a issue with Dutch managers ?

  13. Messi needs another ucl which won’t happen at Barca…..

  14. fineline dijo:


  15. fineline dijo:

    Football Should Do An All star game like Nba So we can See Messi and Ronaldo on the same team And All the best players on 2 teams once a year

  16. Adii S dijo:

    Whoever thought Messi would ever leave lol, he always does the same thing to raise his salary, one club man FTW. I'm waiting for some amazing player that will play unreal and not care about money like all these clowns playing football do, just then I can call someone THE BEST. Fotball first, not money first!

  17. jawad ahmad dijo:

    Jules that guy makes no sense he should be like octopus predictor….. France will win …. France will do this and that in the ends france did lol????

  18. Marley Boy dijo:

    Imagine a club literally depending on 1 player and being called one of the best clubs in the world. Liverpool, bayern, ajax, juventus, and ac milan(despite the drop in form) and lightyears clear of fraudalona. Barcelona become relevant because it has the greatest player of all time. They still suffered record shattering defeats. I don't ever want to hear barcelona mentioned as a world class club

  19. - Lowe dijo:

    Welp… So much for that

  20. uchibenkei dijo:

    barcelona can't afford him. every player would need to take a massive pay cut for him to stay. he's gone

  21. son goku dijo:

    I hope he never leaves I want to see him retire at Barcelona

  22. ESPN once again trolled cristiano by saying that he has 23 shots from freekicks only , four more than any other player since 2008 in the euros and hasn't scored a single one ??, they never give up on him ??

  23. mit _ dijo:

    Sporting has already kindly stated 3 times that they are not ready for Cristiano. He doesn't fit the wage structure and the player profile the club is now using. Sporting will wait for his last season in 8 years time lol.

  24. Knight Show dijo:

    2:07 that killed me right there?

  25. Unruly Rebel dijo:

    Man utd reunion would be perfect for Ronaldo that would finally push man utd over the top to win the prem and the CL

  26. Imagine both Messi and Ronaldo play in same club ?

  27. Oh boy. I hope Messi holds Barcelona ransom for as long as possible to make them sweat. He will sign in the end. I can't see him at another club. Plus Aguero will make sure he stays.

  28. Mr.Youtube dijo:

    Imagine messi at juventus(Thats not gonna happen) just imagine

  29. Talha Khan dijo:

    I think messi would like to go PSG
    Because he and neymar are best friends neymar is also trying to rejoin barca but could not

  30. Switzerland vs Spain : Spain
    Belgium vs Italy : Italy
    Czech Republic vs Denmark : Denmark
    Ukraine vs England : England

    Spain vs Italy : Spain
    Denmark vs England : England

    Spain vs England : Spain

  31. I wish MESSI, RONALDO joins PSG ??

  32. Parth Jasani dijo:

    Cry Baby Jules Lauren?

  33. Sai Bhargav dijo:

    Mr. Jules… Please keep your mouth shut.

  34. Sonal Verma dijo:

    if Ronaldo went to PSG and Messi to PSG again, then they will make the best 3 players in the world (Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo) into becoming the most destructive trio of all history. Even better than MSN.

  35. Messi and Ronaldo in Barcelona…tridente Barca Messi aguero Ronaldo hehehej

  36. Barca are breaking their future to keep him now as he's ageing. Ridiculous

  37. OH.MY.GOD. dijo:

    They stab him in the back and he still gets on his Kneess with a pay cut lol

  38. k tom dijo:

    No extension of contract.

  39. Eddy Garza dijo:

    i hope ronaldo leaves juve but who knows.. juve dont deserve him on there team. they criticize him for not scoring every game and is high wages yet without him they wouldve been like 10th in the league.. juve was soooo bad and they need more players then just ronaldo.

  40. The tired sunday prominently relax because lake ultimately meddle against a minor baseball. fat faulty, rhetorical castanet

  41. Jules and Gabs segments ruins this show. I always turn it off. They're the pinnacle of reasons why media journalism is regressive.

  42. RJ Villa dijo:

    Messi and Ronaldo should team up somewhere. Just win ????

  43. ROMANTRA dijo:

    Messi to City, Ronaldo back to United

  44. user0 dijo:

    "Griezmann is terrible " what!?. He had a pretty decent season with barca scoring 20 goals, and one of only french player that was consistent in all of france matches

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