Does Federico Chiesa injury END Juventus’ top-4 hopes?! ? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel assess Federico Chiesa’s ACL injury, which will see him out for Juventus and Italy.
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28 respuestas a Does Federico Chiesa injury END Juventus’ top-4 hopes?! ? | ESPN FC

  1. mheung910 dijo:

    Nice tackle from Smalling ??

  2. tx.flak0 dijo:

    Chiesa is not going to grow as much anymore, so sad to see a great player with a lot of potential get injured so badly. I really loved chiesa as a player with a passion, i would dedicate a whole hour to watch him before my game. I really loved watching him play, he is a never ending motor. This guy is a machine he can do everything for his team, he is one of those players you should fear on the pitch, hes so unpredictable and crazy fast that its scary. He makes a lot of mistakes but he somehow uses that too through of the player and manage to assist/score right after. Even on his bad days he still puts on a show and performes amazingly

    I wish you the best of luck chiesa. I really hope you come back before the WC ;—;

  3. Daniel B dijo:

    Chiesa is a massive blow for juve and With a normal team in serie losing a player like him will end their hopes but knowing juve they will make top 4 not because of great playing (gotcha ?) but they will pull every string they can politically. Expect some strange not so strange calls going for forward.

  4. MN Playz dijo:

    Atalanta nest 4 games against lazio inter and juve and 1 easy team . Juve s next 4 game against Atalanta and 3 easy team . If Atalanta don’t slip in next 4 games it’s gonna be hard for juve

  5. Benjam S dijo:

    What a shame for Federico. What a player, its shame for football.

  6. t0mkat dijo:

    Ronaldo is gonna do his late goal thing in the playoffs and knock Italy out of its second World Cup in a row.

  7. Right now Chiesa is one of the hardest worker on the field. Never gives up on a ball and always runs hard. If he can improve his finishing he would be an even more dangerous player.

  8. coucamaya dijo:

    1:11 not the hour mark Don. He went off after 32 mins. When the score was 1-1

  9. Cheisa 's injury is not only bad news for Juventus, it's a very very bad news for Italy's world cup qualification.

  10. no name dijo:

    Will chiesa be fit for itally guys ?

  11. Italy's best player? Are you forgetting Barella and verratti

  12. Om Prakash dijo:

    Italy world Cup qualifier jeopardised

  13. Chiesa has 2 goals. His absence wont make that big of a difference.

  14. Chucky Lai dijo:

    If they miss top 4 they will blame ronaldo

  15. Chucky Lai dijo:

    It’s ok… they will blame it on Renaldo is they miss top 4

  16. So sad i knew this was serious from seeing it in live

  17. Michael Raso dijo:

    Chiesa is juve future capitanooooo!!! He will be back and better than ever !!! Forza Chiesa

  18. Picasso21 dijo:

    JUVE = FINO ALLA FINE = UNTIL THE END !!! IT MEANS WHAT IT MEANS ! We are not cryers, we're fighters, believers and winners !

  19. Hopes he has a safe and speedy recovery

  20. Ataladin87 dijo:

    La liga clear of this farmers league.

  21. Mr Dee dijo:

    They blamed Ronaldo. Imagine blaming a player who is not even there for losing matches. Maybe your squad is not good enough

  22. He’s gonna be out for like 6 months forget about the playoffs

  23. It doesn't end anything. It just makes it way more difficult for them, with Atalanta and Roma hunting them done.

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