The Hottest, Lukewarm And Coldest Players In The Spanish, Italian And English Top Divisions Part 1

For the past 3 months or thereabouts there have been some players that have been scorching in terms of their form, some have been rather lukewarm; not playing badly but not exactly pulling the house down and there are some that have stunk up the place.

The following players have been so hot in the last few weeks and months that if a match struck close to their vicinity, it could cause an inferno.

1) Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

He has been in fantastic goal scoring form this term and has already equalled the amount of goals he scored for the whole of last season and we are still in January.

2) Robinho (Real Madrid)

He has come up in leap and bounds this season with brilliant attacking play and he is the main reason that Real Madrid have had a fabulous start to the season in the stacking side of things as everything that is good about their attack usually starts from him.

3) Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)

If Robinho has been the reason that Real Madrid have been scoring goals then Iker is the main and sometimes sole reason that they have not leaked that many goals this time around as he has made so many fantastic saves that it is safe to say that alongside Gigi Buffon at Juventus, he is the world’s best goalkeeper.

4) Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

He has perhaps been the finest all-round defender this season as his performances have been nothing short of sensational and it comes as no surprise that AC Milan have been sniffing around as regards his availability.

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