Antonio Conte 3-5-2 tactical analysis – Juventus FC 2011-14 – how did Juventus play

Antonio Conte 3-5-2 tactical analysis

Juventus FC 2011-14

Juventus made a great success during Antonio Conte’s era; in this video, I will explain how did Juventus play with him

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45 respuestas a Antonio Conte 3-5-2 tactical analysis – Juventus FC 2011-14 – how did Juventus play

  1. Xayn Reza dijo:

    Well he played 3-4-3 with Chelsea and won the league in his first year just as I predicted ( not the formation). See you back at Juve one day, Antonio ✊

  2. Qays Qalid dijo:

    Just wondering if he can fix utd cuz ole's tactics is absolutely rubbish

  3. Aqib Ashraf dijo:

    Where’s the Man Utd fans at

  4. Chi interista dopo la vittoria dello scudetto????

  5. Rocco Singh dijo:

    Now Conte applies this on Merda Inter! D’ Ambrosio and Hakimi. Lukaku and Martinez waiting up front

  6. KR Studio dijo:

    My question is what if the team is pressing heavy and the back 3 and the holding mid don’t have time to look for a long ball.

  7. This video is just so good. Thank you for making it

  8. Grande Formazione , Bellissimo Questo Format !!!!!!

  9. CXSY dijo:

    dont forget the serie a referees ?

  10. Philia dijo:

    Pour une fois qu'une vidéo de foot ne met pas de l électro de merde merci beaucoup

  11. oi bruv good music choice mate.

  12. Panarome dijo:

    I miss my Juventus so much. This team was so good 🙁

  13. Exalt Chrom dijo:

    Conte had nothing to with us buying Pogba, that was a decision made by the management.

  14. Implementing this in FIFA right now.

  15. Southgate . Just photocopy of conte s one

  16. SerShWolf dijo:

    Amazing analysis mate! I'm a Chelsea fan and Conte's success in the Premier League 2016-17 season inspired me, as well with the 13 win winstreak record. In love with the insights of the formation, specially the use of the strengths of Pirlo to drive accurate long balls and the attacking & defensive balance needed in the CM and wingback roles. Not the most used formation yet highly effective with the correct players in each position. I will replicate a 3-5-2 career mode in FIFA 18, sculpting the perfect player for each position. Mostly because I really want to use a regista like Pirlo. He truly is one on a kind. I will emulate a dream team below. Just few of my favorite players for each position with their specific role in mind. BTW I like using a striker more as a #10 (enganche) dropping so like a 3511 or 31411.

    C. Ronaldo/Ronaldo Nazario/T. Henry/Zlatan

    Lampard/Gerrard/Scholes Zidane/Iniesta/Cruyff
    Marcelo/Giggs/Beckham Roberto Carlos/Lahm/Dani Alves
    Pirlo/Xavi/Xavi Alonso/Vieira

    Sergio Ramos/J. Terry/Cafu Maldini/Cannavaro/Beckenbauer
    Rafa Marquez/Puyol/Carvalho

    Yashin/J. Campos/Buffon/Kahn

  17. Dave Buikema dijo:

    Dammit. I'm a wing back this season so I watched this. No way in hell I can run like pogba or vidal lmao

  18. I really like your content PDS! Keep it up. Could you make a vid about why Conte's Juventus never quite made it in the Champions leauge? You never went deeper on that in this vid. I know Allegri made it quite far with a similar system.

  19. Pretty awesome analysis! Thank you so much.

  20. Chelsea dijo:

    Mourinho is played more counter attack game.
    Pep play most possession game.
    Conte play more defensive game.

  21. In fact, his 3-4-3 has been every effective against the most popular 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation in modern football

  22. bjehulk dijo:

    Why was this Juventus so dominant in Serie A, but lackluster in the Champions League until recently?

  23. Alex K. dijo:

    Can you make a follow-up video of Conte in chelsea? Did he bring this system to chelsea? (I love your analysis, it is so elegant) //thanks

  24. Shaq758 dijo:

    id love to see him use this formation eith kante matic and cesc costa and hazard upfront

  25. João Semedo dijo:

    Great analysis! Thank you

  26. Joe Village dijo:

    Excellent video. Conte will succeed not only because his systems are good, but also because he is very analytic and dedicated to his work. To the Italians, football is a religion. To Conte it is also a passion.

  27. awesome video! 3-4-3 is interesting

  28. Ray Murray dijo:

    ye Conte played 3-5-2 but u need to know Bonucci -Chiellini-Barzagli top 3 players to defence and back the leg3nd Buffon! Mid direct from another top (Pirlo), i love Chelsea , i hope all the best for Chelsea , i never forgot Zola, im italian and all italy hope and love u W chelsea

  29. Pls make a video on Chelsea tactical analysis 2004-05

  30. A 21 dijo:

    could you please made a vid on giempiero ventura italy v spain World Cup 2018 EURO Qualifiers?

  31. i love the way u explained each of the strategy..keep it up dude…muahhh

  32. Can you show Chelsea's recent 3-4-3 system, please?

  33. abdullah ali dijo:

    he cant apply 3-5-2 because if he did that means Hazard and Willian will be in the bench. it needs a winger with a great quality :Ddefinsivly.. take that from a Juventus fan

  34. Kushim Sumer dijo:

    chelsea will never use 3 5 2, because they have different types of player, with other skills, they only have 2 good defenders, but ivanovic can play like a center back in right position, but in the middle not have a player like pirlo, so they use 2 midfielders and use a fast players like hazard william to make good chances to score, chelsea players have different skills, so 4 5 1 or 4 3 3 is a good choice for that kind of quality

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