Juventus 3-2 Sampdoria | Juve get their first home win of the season | Serie A 2021/22

After their drama-filled triumph at Spezia last week the Bianconeri celebrate in front of their fans for the first time this campaign with Locatelli getting his first goal in Juve colours; Sampdoria puts up a good fight but in the end the Old Lady prevails | Serie A 2021/22

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37 respuestas a Juventus 3-2 Sampdoria | Juve get their first home win of the season | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Sampdoria need replacement for d'aversa, i think they won't achieve anything this season if they keep playing like this…

  2. King dijo:

    Juve needs another goalie. They only have 2 now.

  3. gaming Gaimg dijo:

    Sampdoria ❤️ bangkit

  4. yes another league matches win

  5. Angela ytc dijo:

    Dybala is better than Penaldo

  6. R McElhaney dijo:

    It's too bad ESPN and ESPN+ lost the United States Serie A contract to CBS Sports and Paramount+.
    ESPN and ESPN+ were more interested in grabbing Spain's La Liga contract than hanging onto Serie A.
    Serie A is better than La Liga, in my opinion.

  7. V.ArSa.22 dijo:

    Juventus concede goals very easily. Given that there are strong defenders in this team, such a situation should not happen to them… i really love JUVE…?✌❤

  8. PRO SK dijo:

    Dybala playing well

  9. Felizz MT. dijo:

    Arsenal and Juventus are Get Up

  10. Juventus have got brilliant front 3. If they click together, they will regain the title.

  11. Betting FC dijo:

    Proper finish by dybala

  12. Dybala Is A Real JUVENTUS LEGEND!!!

  13. Liat locateli tiba2 inget marchisio..
    Rada mirip keknya ya..

  14. 1:54 did he say Enrico Chiesa?

  15. De Martin dijo:

    Ucl Juventus vs Chelsea

  16. Juventin dijo:

    Audero is better then both juventus goalkeepers.

  17. cant really fault the defence for for the 1st goal. that was an excellent ball in from candreva. . the 2nd goal conceded was carelessness by cuadrado. but juve best formation is a 4231 or a classic 442. playing 3cdm is not the way. use the strength of the team in the wingers.

  18. TTPQ661 dijo:

    Dybala Morata injured ffs

  19. 2:44 commentator "he really played well in the contest, tashhh sihhh" haha……

  20. Congratulations juventini??

  21. What a game but juve no where near the team they use to be

  22. Dybala on fire ???⚪⚫

  23. NYARI ILMU dijo:

    Golll gollll gollll CR7

  24. Ravi Kumar dijo:

    Dybala now is able to play freely once ronaldo left, he was overshadowed by ronaldo, I am not blaming ronaldo. Ronaldo was literally the backbone of Juventus, but now dybala is getting more proper alone and independent

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