Will Atalanta and Juventus both be pleased after today's draw? | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti breaks down the Atalanta vs. Juventus draw after Juventus’ Danilo was able to score a late goal in extra time.
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20 respuestas a Will Atalanta and Juventus both be pleased after today's draw? | ESPN FC

  1. Mr. Blake dijo:

    The thumbnail is like a martial arts practice or tournament

  2. Given the rate at which they've been dropping points in recent months and the current form of both teams, Atalanta can't be pleased with a draw. They've allowed a big lead over Juventus to collapse, and even the game in hand may not suffice if they don't stop their bad habit of dropping points. Plus Juventus has an easier run-in to finish the season.

  3. Akshay Keny dijo:

    Milan are serious Title contenders. Hope they win it.

  4. Both teams have great attacks, but trash defenders

  5. Billy Dedon dijo:

    Juventus have been winning games after games this draw is not bad.

  6. Must say, Koopmeiners and Malinovskyi looked fantastic

  7. Not for juve. Atalanta still have one game in hand

  8. Why didn't he play Zakaria?

  9. K '88 dijo:

    forza milan!! ❤?

  10. Ataltanta play very well bad luck

  11. Atalanta have a game in hand to leapfrog Juve back into the CL spot.
    There's still hope for them yet.

  12. This is it?? One of the best matches I’ve seen from my team (⚪️⚫️) in the whole season and this is it? Probably now 10 more videos about Barca and Haaland until the next matchday and nothing more about serie a… once again

  13. NXDhero dijo:

    Lol, @2:33 Juventus or Sampdoria. ESPN proofread before showing the graphics

  14. MS dijo:

    Allegri did subs too late.

  15. we needed to win but a draw is better than letting them pass us with a game in hand

  16. Roflmfaoftw dijo:

    Morata had a good chance to score vlaho had 4 on target and dybala made a selfish decision

  17. sikguitarist dijo:

    Juve had plenty of chances and couldn't convert. Take a draw and move on.

  18. Greet Gysen dijo:

    Gabs genius almost generates gravity?

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