Roma vs. Juventus REACTION: ‘This was UNBELIEVABLE!’ – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti joins ESPN FC to look at some WILD scorelines in Serie A with Inter Milan currently sitting in first-place over AC Milan, Napoli and Atalanta. Marcotti recaps Juventus’s emphatic 4-3 win over Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma and Inter Milan’s 2-1 win over Lazio.
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32 respuestas a Roma vs. Juventus REACTION: ‘This was UNBELIEVABLE!’ – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

  1. cr3sh dijo:

    and people saying serie a is boring ?

  2. Marco Marco dijo:

    Premier League very competitive this year.. only fight for fourth place ?

  3. roma played great the first 60 minutes. give mourinho time

  4. Giovanni Aj dijo:

    Mou Is finished..sad for roma which Is a team i Always likes?

  5. Supa Copper dijo:

    If the likes of Roma and Atalanta can defend better, the competition could be more intense.

  6. Prakhar Rai dijo:

    This guy have problem with dybala he said de sciglio similar as dybala of all people maybe dybala scored most goal for juve this season even being injured ??

  7. It was unusual not for the scoreline itself, which has been a pretty common occurrence in Serie A in recent years particularly with the worsening defending. What made it unusual:
    -The game involved teams of Mourinho and Allegri, coaches known for pragmatism and building hermetic defences
    -Juventus coming back to win. They are typically the team that shows little fight when going down, Sunday was a rare example of these players showing guts

  8. Tao of Paul dijo:

    The only nasty thing here is your lie. He never said I need nasty players. You should respect Jose for perhaps in his culture they speak different. You are extremely rude and un sensitive to this man and his back ground and how you turn what he says to feed lie to your audience. You should be ashamed to behave this way. Grow up and learn your job better. This is what Jose said “At the end of the day, when you’re in the s**t, you get back on your feet and find your character. But there are people in this locker room who are a bit too nice, a bit too weak. I already told the players, if the game had ended at the 70th minute, it would’ve been an extraordinary performance. Unfortunately, it didn’t end then.”

  9. Is no one gonna complain about mourinho's 2 rabbit teeth in the thumbnail?

  10. DzNutzOnFyre dijo:

    We have regressed to second tier of Italy. ?‍♂️

  11. BobbyMarley dijo:

    Serie A scoring goals for fun these days.

  12. Hopefully Chiesa doesn’t have more knee injuries like baggio

  13. Juve showed great character in this match. Also, poor defense by Smalling. I don't understand why Romanisti keep calling him Smaldini

  14. Undoubtedly the Serie A is the 2nd best league in the world after the EPL, ESPN got it wrong switching rights from Serie A to LA Liga which is so painful to watch, Barcelona's game is unwatchable and Real doesn't have the flare anymore but just playing to win, other teams are nonexistent despite Sevilla push, it's just an awful league now, no entertainment

  15. Tony Haven dijo:

    Say what you want about De Ligt but he is one of the best basketball players in Serie A

  16. Cain Gamalo dijo:

    Thought this was a city vs liverpool match ?

  17. Serie A is way more entertaining than the Premier league now. It's just that premier league teams have a bigger budget so they can have two starting 11s and do well. Which helps the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea in Europe. City for all their investment isn't anything great in Europe. But on a day to day basis Serie A is a better watch than the Premier League easily. City keeps on cruising in the PL .

  18. Inshal dijo:

    Dybala has been the best player for juve this year for sure

  19. Ayan Shah dijo:

    “Paulo Dybala of all people”? Gabs hate for him is unreal, stupid agenda against him.
    Ps: “Dybala has 9 goals & 4 assists in 16 starts”.

  20. How incredibly disappointed I was after Roma led the game and just crashed after the 70th minute mark. Great thrilling game and kudos to Juve for biting back. Mama mia!

  21. Serie A has become my second favourite league to watch. Obviously the Premier League Reigns Supreme

  22. BigEFuk 10 dijo:

    EPL is good in terms of Quality Stadiums Managers Players
    Its the best league becuase the Quality and Strength of Clubs but it be boring asf

    Serie A is broke but way more entertaining to watch

    Serie A Broke/Entertaining League
    EPL Richest/Best/Oil League
    La Liga Boring/Tactical League
    Bundesliga Farmers League
    Ligue 1 Weakest Ligue

  23. Picasso21 dijo:


  24. Inter won't win the league.. mark my words

  25. Dan W dijo:

    Mentions Artur and Locatelli as being phenomenal in midfield. What about McKennie?

  26. lis sanchez dijo:

    Roma Juve was by far the best game of the season. Was lucky enough to watch it entirely and it did not disappoint! Shame that Pellegrini missed the penalty at the end, they both deserved a point at least.

  27. Joas PL dijo:

    Which coach won 2 UCL and who is in serie a now? Can somebody tell me please?

  28. the farmers water the plants, feed the chickens, hoe the field and saturday play in the boring Spanish La Liga .. however on Sundays they are free to watch the show, tactics and Serie A goals

  29. Best game football this year

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