AC Milan vs. Juventus was ‘VERY TURGID!’ – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Craig Burley and Nedum Onuoha join the show to recap AC Milan and Juventus’ dire goalless draw in Serie A and also talks in depth of Mario Balotelli’s call-up to the Italian national squad.

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19 respuestas a AC Milan vs. Juventus was ‘VERY TURGID!’ – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

  1. Rob 51 dijo:

    Bad boring game ? – – I see plenty of those in the premiere

  2. The pitch is just as bad as Allegri is at coaching.

  3. Nedum should complain to HR over Dan Thomas’ unnecessary shot across his bow.

  4. Lucy Hidayat dijo:

    Allegri also drains every single dynamism in most players under his tutelage

  5. juves sides is world class. football has turned to absolute rubbish. its the end of football as weve known it

  6. Marco Marco dijo:

    I do not think it is a coincidence that espn speaks of Serie A only when Roma lose, when an Italian team loses in the Champions League or when there is a bad match like last night's. I wonder why they spent so little time on the Italian national team at euro 2020 (and most of the speeches were by vieira or people who spoke ill of Italy)?????

  7. Om Prakash dijo:

    Juventus just buy scamacca, vlahovic or Armando Broja Chelsea youth products are too good.

  8. AB G dijo:

    Unpopular opinion, but it's about time each team has its own stadium!!! This concept of 2 teams playing home games at the same stadium every week is a bit taxing for all considering the number of games!!! ?

  9. 3girlrhumba dijo:

    dan destroyed nedum there

  10. Such iconic club like AC Milan playing in pitch like that it’s a tragedy,
    I wouldn’t take dog for walk in this pitch.

  11. Terrible football game to watch, not a lot of quality, the ref was terribly inconsistent.

  12. Vito Recchia dijo:

    Juve & Allegri back to anti-football tactics again…..FORZA MILAN SEMPRE!!!

  13. Delboy0 dijo:

    Tammy Abrahams is tearing it up in Serie A. Fourth highest scorer in Serie A and has 15 goals for Roma this season, more than Lukaku, Werner, Havertz and Pulisic have scored put together this season. It really looks bad that they got rid of Abrahams to keep Werner and Havertz.

  14. Allegri is the worst coach ever
    So disgusting ???

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