The Perfect Manager

In the case of Avram, every team would like his luck when it comes to getting favourable draws in cup competitions as in this season Chelsea has been drawn against Hull City, QPR, Wigan Athletic in the Coca Cola cup; Huddersfield and Barnsley in the FA Cup and Olympiakos as well as Fenerbahce in the champions league.

In the semi finals Chelsea come up against Liverpool for the 3rd time but this is the 1st time that Chelsea would play the 2nd leg at home. When they were handed a tough looking group in the champions league, Jose Mourinho was the manager but by the time Avram took over Valencia had started to implode making the group easier than it 1st appeared.

In the case of Rafa Benitez, all teams would like to have his luck in the champions league as Liverpool seem to have a knack of meeting teams when they are not in good form as Inter Milan and Arsenal would attest.

It is very probable that if Liverpool had met Inter Milan when they still had their full quota of defenders and were playing with confidence that Liverpool would not have gone through, the same can be said for Arsenal.

Also we all know about the red cards and penalty decisions that went their way this season. Last season they met Barcelona at the right time as well with Samuel Etoo and Lionel Messi struggling with injuries.

In the case of Claudio Ranieri, the so called big teams would like to have him as manager whenever they come across another big team as he has had the fortune of meeting Inter Milan when they had problems, Roma when they were preparing for important champions league games and just last weekend AC Milan.

When Juventus met Milan on Saturday, Milan were without key defenders Kaka Kaladze and Alessandro Nesta due to suspension; Massimo Oddo and Marko Jankulowski due to injuries and then striker Pato also due to injury.

They had to make do with Daniele Bonera, Mario Simic and Giuseppe Favalli in defence with only Pippo Inzaghi and Alberto Gilardino as viable options upfront.

Juventus have played all the big guns and remained unbeaten in all of them and though Ranieri would say that it was his tactical approach that was so vital and that would not be inaccurate but he did have a huge slice of luck with the timings of the meetings.

It just goes to show that luck plays a huge part in the success of managers but it also shows that you need some tactical acumen as while the others have made full benefit of their luck, poor old Avram Grant seems to be wasting his but the season is not yet over.

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