Are Juventus missing Cristiano Ronaldo? ‘The quality is not there for Juve!’ | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls show) are joined by Don Hutchison to discuss Juventus’ current squad. The guys ask if Cristiano Ronaldo is being missed by Juventus, with Don feeling they are lacking the quality needed to challenge for Serie A at the moment.

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30 respuestas a Are Juventus missing Cristiano Ronaldo? ‘The quality is not there for Juve!’ | ESPN FC

  1. Couldn't agree more with Don, juve has a stale and above average squad

  2. Uh Juls is talking nonsense, Ronaldo has 2 Serie A trophies in 3 seasons. What is he talking about when he says "they won one in three seasons??".

  3. MS dijo:

    The 2015 team had a world class midfield + Tevez who was having his best season

    2017 team had Mandzukic and Dybala was playing his best football till that infamous final where he went missing.

  4. MS dijo:

    The midfield is the biggest problem. Chiellini can be replaced by De ligt.

  5. JAY MOSES dijo:

    Of course they miss Ronaldo. Juve basically brought in THE MESSIAH but didn't provide him with his needed disciples to achieve what he achieved at Real Madrid. He carried them since he arrived there. Especially under Sarri and Pirlo

  6. Sel C dijo:

    Every team has to make cr7 score, cr7 won't help the team collectively, team has to use his selfishness to their advantages

  7. Funhistani dijo:

    Athleti and Juve needs to start evolving. They are living in early to mid 2010s

  8. So, being the team's top scorer and the league's top scorer is not good enough for you. Now that he's no longer at Juve, everyone misses him. You guys are a bunch of ingrates when it comes to Ronaldo. Nothing he does is ever good enough for ESPN FC.

  9. Marco Marco dijo:

    Juve need just new manager

  10. It's time to move on and rebuild.

  11. i thiink the first season ronaldo came juve was the season they should have won the c.league, to me that was his last season as being the guy that could really carry a team on his back as you say with the athletico game. after that season you noticed the dropoff. eventually ronaldo wages and plus covid became a crippling factor for juve moving forward, they simply had no means to improve the squad. juve never had a great midfield. it was good but never great. matuidi, pjanic, bentancur are good players but wasnt going to bring you a c.league. in the last couple of seasons the midfiled has gone from good to poor with the likes of ramsey, underperforming bentancur, a clueless rabiot. only locatelli has talent. its juve's biggest problem and the reason that ronaldo at juve wasnt a big success. but juve needs to move forward. no point in looking back at ronaldo

  12. Zib Ndix dijo:

    Are Juve missing 30 odd goals a season ?

  13. Jb Knows dijo:

    Juve was a great team before CR7….

  14. Elbee Kb dijo:

    Juve were still struggling last season with penaldo just as they are struggling this season.. it was as if they didn't even qualify for ucl if not for ac Milan's own destruction..

  15. Lämp dijo:

    Penaldo FC always protecting him, he ruined Juve and they are now trying to rebuild into a team again, he's now ruining ManU and they are trying to get rid of him

  16. Goat dijo:

    Of course not. Juve need Young players on age. Not just a player that scores goals inside the box. Outside the box is usefull

  17. Yes they do
    They should just sell morata to barca and get a natural goalscorer like Lukaku or Adeyemi or Vlahovic

  18. Jules talking bullshit as mostly!!!!!!!!

  19. Kean is not replace of Ronaldo, you never can replace a player like Cr 7 with another one, Kean is back where he started playing football!

    Juve miss Ronaldo, this is a fact!

  20. Yo dijo:

    They wouldn't miss him as much if he didnt dip out last minue. Literally screwed Juve over as they couldn't try and find a replacement. There was literally no time left in the summer window lol

  21. Abyss dijo:

    Gab's talking nonsense. Klopp talks about importance of pre season training methods all the time. I'm sure most of rest of the league has followed suit as well, this isn't the old days of hoof and lump football in England, every team is trying to do things the right way.

  22. Billy Dedon dijo:

    Juven are scoring goals their defense is the problem.

  23. SENG dijo:

    Only a fool and fangays will miss Ronaldo, go and look back the stats of other players before he joined Juv, Dybala's stats from 2017 was so clear, how Cr7 effected his performance, similar to Benzema with Ronaldo at Madrid and Bezema without Cr7. Look at Greenwood nd other young strikers before he joined Man Utd and their current performance now.

  24. NEWman dijo:

    And there they go again

  25. ken juan dijo:

    2:47 you wouldn't say he's carried them but then go on and say the squad is stale and not good enough…CR7 never gets any credit from this lot.

  26. Juventus need to be brave and play a 4-2-3-1 regularly to dominate games.

    They play 4 defenders 4 rugged midfielders and just 2 attack minded players and struggle to score more than 2 goals game after game. They need to go to a game with the mentality of scoring 3 goals and dominating. They have became too tactical and defensive.

  27. anil bodar dijo:

    Don saying roma and inter have better squad den Juventus ??????? . He know how many titles they won in last ten years with this poor side ?. Bs pundits Juventus have largest wage bills in seria and biggest spenders in last 5 years cr7 alone earn money equal to lower table teams whole squad salary ?? just shut up they are struggling coz they want to play attacking football which is not in their DNA similar to Atletico .. now they are in between both tactics they purchased attacking players like de ligt , kean , morata ,berndeshchi , chiesa but Allegri wants old tactics counter attack so they are struggling

  28. No Way Jose dijo:

    Unlike some other big clubs and many of the English clubs, Juve doesn't have the money to get excellent players. The pandemic needs to end and a few years of mediocre players in those few years should get Juve back to near the top.

  29. Diego Funes dijo:

    Why would miss them ? They didnt have good results with him, I mean… just.. why… would miss him ?

  30. abdul hameed dijo:

    yes they think cr7 is the problem and when he is gone then they cry that why he left soo soon

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