FIFA 21 Juventus FC Faces

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The FIFA 21 Juventus FC Faces.

With the FIFA 21 Faces of players from Juventus like Ronaldo, Cuadrado, Ramsey, Danilo and many more players.

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8 respuestas a FIFA 21 Juventus FC Faces

  1. Comment what team you would like to see next! 🙂

  2. :アナン: dijo:

    I really hope they add kulusevski’s face because I do rate him

  3. how to fix clubname and logo

  4. abdo gamal dijo:

    where is bayern and sevilla?

  5. Djozz dijo:

    Please don't call it Juventus because it is not Juventus. Same players okay, but other clubname and kits.

  6. Andrea Fazio dijo:

    When will Arthur and bentancur have a Real face?

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