Cristiano Ronaldo & Juventus KNOCKED OUT of the Champions League! How FC Porto got the win | ESPN FC

Juventus have now failed to reach the UEFA Champions League for the third consecutive season since Cristiano Ronaldo arrived from Real Madrid. ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley and Stewart Robson break down Ronaldo’s «very quiet» game and what cost the Bianconeri in the end. The guys all pinpoint Juve’s «cowardly» defending on Porto’s extra-time goal as their undoing and believe they didn’t deserve to advance with their collective display on the night.

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45 respuestas a Cristiano Ronaldo & Juventus KNOCKED OUT of the Champions League! How FC Porto got the win | ESPN FC

  1. Utsav Pandey dijo:

    And they said goat… Haha… No influence whatsoever

  2. Although Ronaldo made a great assist to Chiesa but he looked like an amateur in that game. Just nothing. Massively disappointed with him.

  3. Ali when are you going to stop the hate in CR7! Come on man.

  4. Shadel Lord dijo:

    I think Juventus can win the Champions league someday only if they sign Leo messi

  5. Gareth bale_marcelo to juventus



  8. Kavon dijo:

    Someone needs to make a supercut of Stewart Robson saying "crosses into the box" on ESPN content. When someone pointed it out to me it was so funny.

  9. Juventus fail time and time again in Europe because they're actually a small club pretending to be a big club. They're utterly overrated and their shitty European Cup record with only 2 trophies proves this as does their equally shitty record that despite appearing in 9 Champions League/European Cup Finals they've never managed to score more than one goal in each one. Not only that but in the only 2 finals that they won, both 25 and 36 years ago, they could only win with a fake non existent penalty against Liverpool and by being illegally drugged up to their eyeballs against Ajax, and in the final against Ajax despite playing the final on home Italian soil and being illegally drugged up to the eyeballs they could still only win it on penalties. So really Juventus should have 0 European Cup/Champions League wins. That is a shocking record and proves that instead of being European heavyweights they are in fact nothing more than an overrated, provincial, small Italian club who will never achieve anything in Europe. Yet despite that they actually think they're actually a big club. What a joke. They should be embarassed. I'd go so far as say all their league wins in their history have been fixed and were won by cheating because their European record shows what a poor, low quality, loser club they are. A record so poor they dont even have more European Cups/Champions Leagues that Nottingham forest or Porto. They are a failure of a club. People need to stop calling them a big club because they're clearly not. There's a reason why Zidane left Juventus to join Real Madrid because he knew Juventus would NEVER win the champions league and he was wasting his time there.

  10. It should be 3 games like nba back then

  11. Could decide tie after two legs by ball possession instead of away goals.

  12. SumRigs dijo:

    I see that people and some pundits blaming ronaldo for that free-kick goal. It's weird. The ball went below the wall. Even if ronaldo have showed his front he would still miss it. It would have been they have placed one more player on the ground.

  13. Fra dijo:

    Porto deserved. But talking of a OUTSTANDING defensive job from Porto when they let Juve score 3 is an overstatement…

  14. Dinesh Kumar dijo:

    Wow … Porto tricked Juve here… The man running behinds turns Ronaldo by shoulder and he rotates and the ball goes through exactly right through him ( middle of the wall) when he is out of balance…. Well done Porto … a goal to discuss for ages ..??

  15. Patrick B dijo:

    Critics keep on babbling about Juventus losing and Ronaldo having bad games. They just don’t get it. This is football! The ball is round. This is the essence and nature of the game! ??‍♂️

  16. Miguel Vale dijo:

    Juve fans and Ronaldo haters getting a taste of what it was like for Ronaldo over the previous two years in the KO rounds. Deserved and I hope he moves on.

  17. JAY MOSES dijo:

    good analysis from robbo

  18. jaquin 103 dijo:

    What's up with the music?

  19. I once caused an uproar in school cos i said pepe is a way better defender than ramos….seems many didn't see what i see

  20. Noor Elahi dijo:

    This game once again showed that Morata can never be a big game player, King of offside goals

  21. Rio Riot dijo:


  22. M Bip dijo:

    Pirlo for Juventus is not like Ole for ManU.

  23. Aditya Raj dijo:

    Psg vs city. Bayern vs real

  24. His biggest contribution to the game came from his bad touch which set up chiesa

  25. Taal Boss dijo:

    So Craig Burley showed up for work now ???

  26. Light Bearer dijo:

    Cuadrado and Bonucci have been there too long now. Not good enough for UCL last 16 anymore.

  27. Jyoti Rai dijo:

    I thought when it goes to extra time, it should not matter away goals,, it should be penalty shootout

  28. N R dijo:

    Never turn your back to the ball. Esp if your in the wall on a Free kick.

  29. tamim nabard dijo:

    Sell Ronaldo and give more chance for chiesa

  30. Cuadrado should've had atleast 3 more assists last night….Even Ronaldo's mother could've scored Morata's missed chances

  31. Porto, Porto, Porto, Porto… Porto… Porto!!!
    Bring on whoever with their bought and paid for refs, FC Porto is going all the way… Now, to complete all our dreams, "We just want to see Lisbon burning!"

  32. Freddy Sebie dijo:

    Juventus midfielders were all chickens not knowing how to unlock the opponents defence.

    And its good Juve is out, so boring to see them. It was Ronaldo who make people who want to watch Juve game.

  33. Van baz dijo:

    sell ronaldo he was really bad. He couldn't even shoot the ball.

  34. BEKARI MUSIK dijo:


  35. Navah King dijo:

    Turning your back as bad as that is criminal

  36. MNR 11 dijo:

    Next Season 21/22:
    Cr7 signs for Porto club??

    Cr7 : i want to take new challenge..
    bcoz im Portugese n i love

  37. Pato Gomez dijo:

    The worst think is we know than city will face porto in the last 8. So how city did this? The club was ban for the UCL and now they have the most easy draws everr $$

  38. musa Sarjo dijo:

    Ali=Thousands years old
    Is 38 years Ali ???????????

  39. Marco Marin dijo:

    Ronaldo was quiet but Morata messed up 3 big chances he is more to blame in this game

  40. I dont understand this stupid home and away goals rule. last year they said they will remove it.. We score more goals and we still eliminated they score less goals and they get trough. they score 1 goal and suddently we need to score 2 goals instead of one which is bs. Very stupid rule that needs to be removed. Idk who created this rule and why. Imagine that the rule was other way around, who scores more goals at home gets trough.. Porto will be the ones out instead. Who gets trough decided by a stupid rule that isnt needed. If it ends 2:1 for porto at home and it ends 3:2 for Juve at home, why cant it be a draw and go to extra time or to penalties? its the same 1 goal lead on both home and away which is equal goal difference. Its so stupid to have the same score on both home and away goals in 68th minute and opponent to think and motivate themselves like, we just need 1 more goal and then they need to score 2 so we are for sure qualified if we score because we will park the bus. Congrats for encouraging the score and park the bus games with this stupid rules. Been a stupid rule for so many years and no one says anything.

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