Torino 0-1 Juventus | Juventus triumph in the derby | Serie A 2021/22

Torino put on an impressive display of discipline and tactics as they give Juventus a run for their money but in the end, the Bianconeri secure the win thanks to a late goal from Manuel Locatelli | Serie A 2021/22

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41 respuestas a Torino 0-1 Juventus | Juventus triumph in the derby | Serie A 2021/22

  1. sam tinkler dijo:

    That pass at 0:35 was outrageous

  2. ผ​มเป็น​เซรุ่ม​สกัด​โค​วิดได้​๑๐๐​%

  3. Dejan Andjus dijo:

    Idiot Juric.Rinkon,Basseli ? Forza Grande Toro

  4. DEE DUBZ dijo:

    Old Lady still got fight in her

  5. Even dijo:

    Moise kean is such a waste

  6. they are still 10 points behind Napoli

  7. ชนะแบบฉิวเฉียด

  8. For all Rubentus Fans i have this: 2:45 ??

  9. La Juve sempre il più forte

  10. Jon Woods dijo:

    The most senseless derby in world football. Just give Juventus the points and don't waste everyone's time with playing the game.

  11. so many bad shootings, no accuration

  12. tanju171 dijo:

    Juve without Ronaldo is just average. But I'm glad they are doing well again.


  14. bagas dex dijo:

    2nd half is for juventus.. increasing the game play so well.. 1st half 0 on target 4 off target is a nightmare

  15. adien_dp10 dijo:

    Best assist best goal forza

  16. Francisco dijo:

    Cr7 this, cr7 that. But the real reason why juve are better now, it's bcuz of the coach. Don't let juve or cr7 haters fool you, Ronaldo with allegri would've been amazing

  17. Wedew tu yg di bilang badut nge golin wkwkwkw malah harusnya si scesni itu binatang masih aja dipasang otak sama skil nya aja sama kaya babi

  18. Frank Dei dijo:

    Juventus with Allegri = Resilience

  19. Bianconero Sempre ??????????????

  20. Locatelli! what a signing he is turning out to be for Juve!!!

  21. This is Juve..buat la team dari player² local italy..xyah ambik player luar..diorg xde passion sgt

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