Juventus 2-0 Genoa | Cuadrado and Dybala seal Juventus home win | Serie A 2021/22

The Bianconeri secure a second consecutive win to enter the race for a European spot | Serie A 2021/22

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36 respuestas a Juventus 2-0 Genoa | Cuadrado and Dybala seal Juventus home win | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Absolute class performance from sirigu , another bad luck as his defence was unable to support him.

  2. Salvatore sirigu have a class..

  3. Kedai Mimie dijo:

    .. #FORZA-JUVE

  4. Haris 03 dijo:

    Juventus tean idiot …lol

  5. Vitor Galeno dijo:

    Nesse jogo só dá pereresque o narrado só fala isso

  6. Amogh dijo:

    Morata is so wasteful ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  7. dusekboss dijo:

    Dybala total waste talent

  8. Шевченко не сможет помочь этой команде)

  9. Get ready for Europa leauge next year

  10. Aiden Frost dijo:

    Can't believe the game was just 2-0 with the amount of chances Juve created.

  11. Okijé Lee dijo:

    that Shevchenko's reaction ?

  12. Cuadrado uno schifo di uomo in quanto a fair play e correttezza, Ma ha piedi buoni. Innegabile

  13. manish patil dijo:

    What a goal from Columbian, but juve should have 5-6 goals!?

  14. Bruh Shevchenko expression. Milan forever.

  15. Bashir Dahir dijo:

    I watch Sirugu vs Juve

  16. Cobaan berat untuk si nyonya tua di musim ini, tp perlahan mulai bangkit

  17. Rashid dijo:

    Ronaldo gone dybala is back ?

  18. Nice Doppy dijo:

    Wow Cuadrado so marvelous!! what a magnificent goal has been scored Cuadrado, a real heroic warrior Bianconeri!!
    Forza Juve 🙂

  19. Este pibito en la selección no agarra una…

  20. Stephen Kemp dijo:

    I scored a goal ? ? ⚽ ⚽ like that many years ago from a corner playing for Greenbank Rangers I think ? ? they were called thats the truth ☺ ☺

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